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Summer Cinquains

June 16, 2022

NOTE:  Gardening and other summertime activities have kept me away from creative writing at my computer desk.  After a cool spring and cool first couple of weeks of June, Milwaukee is experiencing a heat wave.  Temperatures in the ninety-degree range seem to call for ice cream and cinquains.  Perhaps, you will recall that I have shared on WORDWALK previously the history of the cinquain—a brief poem of only five lines.  The number of syllables per line is in the pattern of two, four, six, eight, and two syllables.  With your favorite frozen treat or beverage, enjoy the following four cinquains.

Good June Night, Strawberry Moon

First cinquain by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

Pink Moon

gracefully rose–

Super, Strawberry Moon–

like carnation in lapel of

night sky.

Riding Palomino Poems

second cinquain by Alice Jane-Marie Massa


skies of morning

bring imagination

for souls to ride the day upon


Reversable Umbrellas

third cinquain by Alice Jane-Marie Massa


are an array,

a bright sprouting display,

of sturdy umbrellas changing

rain’s path.

NOTE:  The following cinquain is playfully, yet most happily, dedicated to my fourth Leader Dog Willow, with whom, on June 7, I celebrated our sixth anniversary of our working together as a team.  Of course, in this fourth cinquain, “Paw Firm” is a play-on-words:  think of “Law Firm.”

Paw Firm

fourth cinquain by Alice Jane-Marie Massa


Black Labrador

stands strong from the Paw Firm

of Willow, Willow, & Willow–

Guides me.

Stay cool, and enjoy a poetic summer!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow

June 15, 2022, Wednesday


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  1. What a nice group of poems, Alice.
    “like carnation in lapel of

    night sky” is such a memorable image.

    Also, “souls to ride the day upon


    • Good Thursday afternoon, Lynda–I greatly appreciate your comments which
      highlighted my favorite parts of the cinquains.

      Many thanks, and enjoy your beautiful gardens–Alice and Willow

  2. mfanyo permalink

    Thank you for the perfect summer poems, Alice! They are as light and refreshing as a summer breeze! Love to you and Willow, Mary

    Sent from my iPad


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