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Growing up in the Hoosier hills of west-central Indiana, Alice Massa has always cherished family, dogs, reading, and writing. From a rural grade school with only 88 students to Clinton High School where her graduating class included 104 students, Alice was blessed with teachers who gave her a strong foundation in grammar and punctuation. With BA and MS degrees from Indiana State University, as well as a second master’s degree from Western Michigan University, Alice taught for 25 years—the most recent 20 years at Milwaukee Area Technical College from where she retired in June of 2011. After years of reading and evaluating the writing of her students, Alice is now sharing some of her own writings through this blog. When Alice sits at her computer desk, her amazing guide dog Zoe is lying nearby. Long walks with her Leader Dog Zoe, a black labrador/golden retriever mix, have generated many ideas for writing endeavors, some of which will appear in this blog.

  1. Dear Alice,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your new blog and look forward to reading your future postings. Take care.

    Jo (Ken, Jason and the Pekes – Korky, Basky & Charly)

  2. Marcia de Bary permalink

    Thank you, Alice, for telling us at the Book Chat today about your new interest in making your writing public and for encouraging us to peep out and see the possibilities. Marcia

  3. Carolyn Allen Gross permalink

    Thank you Alice for sharing your writings about yourself and your family. I remember you very well in High School.I don’t know if you remember me or not Carolyn Allen. Your stories brought back memories of growing up around Clinton and the small communties that surrounded it.You are a very talented lady with a special gift.Keep Sharing your gift Alice.
    Love Carolyn Allen Gross

  4. Dave Bash permalink

    Alice Thanks for writing about Binole’s and Aunt Zita. My dad was a professor at ISU and had Bill B as a student. Thus our family discovered Binole’s restaurant in Blanford. On important family occasions your family’s restaurant was our destination. I remember the drive up through Clinton and Centenary. Also the bocce court in Blanford near Binole’s. One passed through Zita’s kitchen to get to the outhouse; I remember seeing her really big frying pan full of veal entrees. The waitress would serve me a Coke in a short glass like a cocktail. This would have been in the 60’s when I was a young teen.
    Great memories of Binole’s!

  5. This page is such a good introduction to your blog. You have been such a great influence on so many people through your teaching years and you continue to inspire others these days, too. Thank you for your wonderful stories on this blog.

  6. Bonnie Jenkins permalink

    Alice, I want to let you know how much I enjoy reading your wonderful stories about your guide dogs. My daughter and I are now raising our 4th pup. We often wonder what their life is like. We do know where they have been placed but it is up to handler if they want to have contact with the person that raised their pup. The black Lab that we are raising now is 8 months old. This is our first experience with a male pup. He is quite a character but when he pups on his work vest he is all business. So thank you for your insights and belly rubs to Leader Dog Willow!

  7. Linda Britton permalink

    Alice, we will welcome you as our across-the-street neighbor next week! We are Leader Dog people! We are Puppy Raisers and are finishing raising our fifth puppy. She is a yellow lab. We appropriately named her Chelsea.
    I would love to read The Christmas Carriage and may just wait until November or December.
    Looking forward to meeting you and Willow, whom I learned of through the Leader Dog flicker page.
    Linda Britton, and Charlie, too

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