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For Memorial Day, 2022

May 30, 2022

Monogrammed Prayers on Memorial Day

by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

I am a visitor at the graves—

Ave Marias on Memorial Day.

Taps and tulips are there;

peonies and patriotism are there.

Where do I place

the monogrammed prayers?

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  1. joanmyles permalink

    Poignant and moving.
    With you in Love and Reverence, dear Alice.

    • Hi, Joan–Thank you so much for reading my little poem and for commenting.

      Enjoy a creative and blessed week–Alice

  2. Susan McKendry permalink

    Alice, I always think of you this holiday because of your Indiana roots and your enthusiasm for the auto race. So this post is a good reminder of the holiday’s origin.

    • Hello, Sue–I do appreciate your thoughtful comment.  Yes, I took in as
      much as possible of all of the 500 activities, but still try to keep in
      mind the reason for the holiday.

      Looking forward to seeing you soon–Alice and Willow

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