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Guest Blogger Willow Writes Again!

August 25, 2022

Guest Blogger Willow Writes Again

by Leader Dog Willow, as DOGtated to Alice Jane-Marie Massa

                Alas!  During these “dog days of summer,” My Alice is allowing me to have another paw at writing her blog post for this week.  I cannot believe that only one week of August remains on the canine calendar!  Where do these doggie days go?

                Here is a little explanation for you!  I like to call that person at the other end of my guide-dog harness “My Alice” because she is always referring to me as “My Willow.”  Since I previously was a guest blogger on WORDWALK, I have become completely fluent in English; so, watch what you are saying around me.  Most likely, I will understand you!  However, I must admit that I do still like to hear a little  canine conversation once in a while.  I even miss the puppy talk.  Oh, last Saturday, while on a very nice walk with My Alice, a little puppy paused in front of my path.  As usual, I remained perfectly quiet; and even my new little puppy friend did not even let out a whimper.  Of course, My Alice heard that something was in our path.  Then, she heard one of those too quiet persons off to the side of the sidewalk.  You know My Alice.  She had to ask:  “Is your dog on a leash, or are you holding your dog?”  Yes, My Alice is a strict enforcer of the leash ordinance in our territory.

                The previously silent young lady responded, “Yes, I am holding my dog.  She is only eight weeks old, and I have just had her two days.” 

                Since my new puppy friend and I were behaving so especially well, My Alice had to ask what breed my friend is.  The formerly silent young lady shared that her pup is a Golden Retriever/ English Springer Spaniel Mix.  Well, I have seen a lot of pups in my days, but I have never met a Golden/Springer previously.  Naturally, My Alice had to say that the little pup will grow quickly into a leash.  Yes, she had to get one more comment about the leash ordinance into a pleasant conversation. 

                Now, each time I lead My Alice down the sidewalk near Prospect, I walk very slowly just in case the new little puppy friend is around for a brief visit.  Surely, our paths will cross again in the nearest future of doggie days.  A British Black Labrador can only hope!

                Here is another happening during my doggie days of August.  I believe this past Sunday afternoon when I was leading My Alice down Juneau Street sidewalk, I came to a respectful stop—complete stop—to allow an older lady with a walker to safely go around My Alice and me.  As the older lady headed in the opposite direction, she happily told My Alice, “Your dog always stops for me.” 

                My Alice proudly smiled—one of those maskless smiles—and said, “Yes, take care, and have a good day.”  My Alice is always going on and on about my being the most polite dog in the USA!  I do my best.  My Alice has told me stories of how her second Leader Dog Heather took a completely different attitude:  Heather, the Yellow Lab, treated My Alice like a Queen.  Whenever they went down a crowded hallway or sidewalk, Heather wanted to clear the way for the Queen!  Well, each guide dog is a little different.  I know—without a doggie doubt—that my doggie daddy Sergeant and my doggie mom Holly would be proud of my very polite ways also.  Again, today, after we had left the post office and were walking down Milwaukee Street, we met an elderly lady with a walker.  Once again, I stopped to let her pass by with confidence that I am a very steady and well-behaved guide dog.  As she was slowly passing by us, the elderly lady quipped a strong “Thank you.”  Most assuredly, My Alice praised me again.  Then, she goes on in that English conversation for the rest of the block about what a polite Leader Dog I am.  Well, some of the sidewalks are rather narrow for the safe passage of a person with a wide walker, My Alice, and me.  I am just doing my job.  My Alice says that I am her most cautious Leader Dog of the four guide dogs she has had since March 21, 1990.  I learned my lessons extremely well at Leader Dog School in Rochester, Michigan, and am a proud graduate. 

                This morning, when we first started off on a walk, I took My Alice right up to the “bumpies” (tactile markings) at the intersection of Jackson and Kilbourn; fortunately, no trolley was in sight on Kilbourn nor Jackson, but we did have to wait for the traffic light.  A gentleman who identified himself as Bruce seemed to be ready to cross the boulevard, but he told My Alice, “I see you two walking often.”  People so frequently make this comment to us.  Of course, we walk often:  we try to walk four miles each day.  After a few more exchanges of comments about what a good working dog I am, I was DOGlighted (delighted) with what Bruce said next:  “Your dog really loves you, I can tell.”  You betcha (as the Wisconsinites like to say)!  then, Bruce spoke those most frequently heard words, “Your dog is so cute.”  Yes, that is the word—“cute.”

                The traffic light changed.  With the onset of parallel traffic, My Alice gave me the command, “Willow, forward.”  I proudly and carefully led My Alice over four trolley tracks, as well as two traffic lanes and two parking lanes, to the next tactile markings—you know, what used to be a curb.  Praise and a treat from My Alice!  “Willow, right,” My Alice said; and we were off for more adventures in Trolley-land.

Enjoy the last week of August!

Leader Dog Willow—and Alice, too!

August 24, 2022, Wednesday


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  1. I love this! “From a dog’s perspective” Thank you for sharing, Alice’s Willow!

    • Good morning, Lynda–How wonderful to hear from you via WORDWALK!  I
      hope that Ember and your new puppy are doing especially well.  I am so
      very glad that you enjoyed my blog!

      Best regards,

      Leader Dog Willow

  2. Susan McKendry permalink

    Dear Guest Blogger Willow and Your Alice,

    Thanks for the interesting blog about your daily walks. I’m sure you could write a whole book about the experiences the two of you have encountered on those walks. I especially liked the comment from the man who remarked that your love for Alice was obvious. One of the best thing about having you both for friends is having the opportunity to witness that mutual love on the occasions we can get together.

    By the way, Willow, I have never considered you cute. Beautiful and noble is how I behold you.


    • Dear Friend Sue,

          “Beautiful and noble”–well, you certainly made my day on Thursday,
      and I am still smiling my Labbie grin today.  You definitely are in an
      extremely small minority with this opinion because “cute” is the greatly
      predominating comment. Nevertheless, I think your one comment holds more

      Have a wonderful weekend–Your doggie friend Willow

  3. I could not stop laughing, this truly made my evening. how adorable and cute 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Good Morning, Rebeca–Thanks for reading my guest blog post!  I am so
      happy to have your feedback!

      Take care–Leader Dog Willow

  4. mfanyo permalink

    Dear Willow, I throughly enjoyed your blog about your adventures in walking every day with your Alice! You take your work very seriously, and I know Alice appreciates all that you do. So do I! Thank you for keeping yourself and Alice safe. I am looking forward to walking with you and Alice soon. Love, Mary

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi, Mary–Thanks for reading my blog post!  Just remember to bring your
      walking shoes when you come for a visit in late September!

      Your favorite Leader Dog–Willow

  5. How nice to hear from you, Willow. I would need to agree with others that you are a very polite pup and I know that your Alice is especially appreciative of that trait. I would agree with other friend who said that cute was not an apt description. I would say you go beyond that to handsome and confident.

    Thanks being such a caring safe keeper and friend to Alice.

    Fondly, Fran
    PS I enjoyed having a few opportunities to walk with you as well.

    • Good evening, Fran–The walks that you, Willow, and I shared were so
      special to me–especially with your providing such wonderful
      descriptions of the flowers, trees, path, and houses.  Willow also
      thanks you for your kind comments about her blog post.

      More soon!  Thinking of you and sending good wishes your way,

      Alice and Willow

  6. Reblogged this on Pattys World and commented:
    Hello, this is Chief Seeing Eye Dog Blue posting this for Willow.
    Great job Willow Leader Dog.

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