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Poem: Prayer at the Precipice

March 2, 2022

Prayer at the Precipice

poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

On the second of March,

at the onset of meteorological spring,

when thoughts of hard winter should be behind us,

hard thoughts hold us in a grip so tight

that moving to find the hope and promise of peace

also becomes hard.

During this week

when I have heard brave words echo

into other countries of the world,

echo into our homeland–

I ponder the wish of sunflower seeds in pockets

and am awestruck.

Somehow in the breath of

the best of times and the worst–

the most stridently worst of times–

poetry and prayer


and in their aching thirst,

the indomitable spirits always choose

the sparkling wine of freedom.

Let us raise our teardrop glasses

and confetti prayers to

those of courage and honorable convictions

as we kneel

at this precipice of spring, 2022.

March 2, 2022, Wednesday


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  1. Such a perfect prayer poem for this time and place, Alice.

    • Good morning, Lynda–Your comment about this poetry effort of mine means
      so much to me.  Thank you!  I have been preparing for National Poetry
      Month and have been thinking of you.

      Always sending good wishes your way–Alice and Willow

  2. Alice, thank you for beginning my morning with this beautiful, inspiring poem, which I read as a prayer, as well and say AMEN!

    • Good morning, Linda–Thank you so very much for your especially nice
      comment about this post.  Finding your comment on my blog this Thursday
      morning certainly brightened my day.  Please give my best to CRC
      neighbors.  I have been busy preparing for National Poetry Month.  I
      hope that you and Charlie have been very well.

      More soon!  Take good care–Alice and Willow

  3. Such a powerful and beautiful poem, Alice! It is truly a prayer from your heart at this troubling time. Thank you for sharing.
    Love to you and Willow,

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