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Happy National Poetry Month!

April 7, 2021

Happy National Poetry Month!

                To celebrate this first week of National Poetry Month (NPM) on WORDWALK, I am sharing with you seven short poems which I wrote since the first of April.  Thank you for joining me in this month-long celebration of poetry!  Most of the following poems were developed from the prompts which I shared in my previous WORDWALK post.

* * *

Poetry Journeys:  An Acrostic for the First Day of National Poetry Month

by Alice Jane-Marie Massa




Reach and read,

Now write


Yarns of poetry.

* * *

Poetry Cottage in the Wood

a poem for the first day of National Poetry Month by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

Where I write

is in a cottage in the wood

where the sweet smell of pine

reminds me that this little writing world is

mine, indeed, and only mine.

In this poetry cottage in the wood,

I welcome only two guests–

Imagination and Creativity–

who must remain quiet, but amusing.

No matter the season of the year,

I would click together my ruby slippers every day

to take a hot-air balloon ride

to my little, solitary, inspiring

poetry cottage in the writing wood.

* * *

Calling Card

poem for the second day of National Poetry Month

by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

From the Milwaukee sky,

I hear the Eastern Phoebe:

“Fee-be, fee-be, fee-be.”

Only once since moving to the city

have I heard the Bob White

spouting his name above the boulevard:

“Bob White, Bob White, Bob White.”

Even in the winter and now this spring,

I hear the calling card of

the Black-capped Chickadee:


Why do I have such trouble with

leaving my own calling card?

“Po-et, Po-et, poet.”

* * *

An Easter Lily Acrostic

a poem for the third day of National Poetry Month by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

Elegant entrance,


Standing silently solo in silhouette,

Trumpet bloom poised to announce

Easter wishes and blessings to all who

Rejoice!  He has risen!

Like angel wings on emerald stem,


Lilies of Easter

instill peacefulness,

Echo prayers of joy,

Sweeten securely the glory of this day.

* * *

Rosemary Remembrance

a family-tree poem for the fourth day of National Poetry Month by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

Away from Heaven for only a few days,

little baby, full of grace,

fourth child of six,

so beautiful, so big–

but laid to rest forever

in the cradle of a tiny grave

at Clinton’s Riverside Cemetery.

On holy days of obligation,

we sometimes hunted

for your lone burial plot.

Leaving geraniums or peonies,

I wish I had known more about

my lovely Aunt Rosemary.

Would she have been my mentor

through this world of blindness?

Would she have been the first writer

in the family–

instead of me?

Would she have had

the heart of a poet?

I think of my Aunt Rosemary

often, too often

because Rosemary is for remembrance.

Like my beloved ancestors,

each spring,

I plant rosemary

in honor and homage

to my forever young

and forever mysterious Aunt Rosemary.

* * *

NOTE:  Earlier this year, I was pleased to hear the curator of the museum at the American Printing House for the Blind speak about the newly acquired Helen Keller collection.  He mentioned that not only was a rose named for Helen Keller, but also a tulip. 

* * *

Cinquain of Tulips

poem for Day 5 of NPM by Alice Jane-Marie Massa


Named for Helen–

Honor Ms. Keller’s grace,

creative determination,


* * *

Pearl on Marble

a cinquain for Day 6 of National Poetry Month by Alice Jane-Marie Massa


Hide one teardrop,

pearl on marble statue,

forever sculpted by COVID


* * *

NOTE:  Within brackets at the onset of each line, you will find the number of syllables for the poetic line so that, if you wish, you can readily determine the pattern for a cinquain which you may want to write.

[2]  Raindrop:

[4]  Hide one teardrop,

[6]  pearl on marble statue,

[8]  forever sculpted by COVID

[2]  artist.

Happy poetry writing, reading, and sharing!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow

April 7, 2021, Wednesday


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  1. Alice, such a nice collection of poems for the beginning of NPM. So nice of you to give the form for the poems – I look forward to reading more of your poems as you write your way across the month-long poetry celebration.

    • Hi, Lynda–How nice to find your comment and “like” on this NPM post!  I am so glad that you are keeping in touch via my blog.

      Wishing you a happy poetry journey this month and also with your upcoming book of poetry–Alice and Willow

  2. mfanyo permalink

    Hi, Alice,
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful poems for National Poetry Month! I especially found the one about our Aunt Rosemary intriguing. I appreciated your thoughts in remembrance of her. Dad always spoke so lovingly of little Rosemary. Dad enjoyed all babies, and Rosemary resembled Dad with her dark hair and tan complexion.
    During this month I usually write a poem about spring with my prekindergarten students. However, being retired now, I am inspired to write acrostics to share with my grandchildren to guide them toward writing their own acrostic using their first name. Hopefully, we will all have fun with poetry!

    Looking forward to reading your delightful poems in the coming weeks!
    Love to you and Willow,

    • Mary–Happy acrostic poetry writing with your grandchildren! Great idea to share poetry with your little ones who range in age from five through ten!  I will look forward to reading their creations.

      Take care–Alice and Willow

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