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Nature’s Psychiatrist: The Mourning Dove

June 10, 2020



Nature’s Counselor: The Mourning Dove


Poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa


As soon as Willow and I walk outside

To meet the early June’s sunrise,

We find the dew, like my heart,

Is heavy.


* Stanza 2


Suddenly, I hear Mother Nature’s psychiatrist–

The mourning dove–

With his chorus of calming mantras,



* Stanza 3


In the midst of all the world has to shout,

In the midst of the unfathomable pandemic,

In the midst of unbelievable grief for a cousin gone too soon and too sadly–

I take the advice of the mourning dove

And calm, calm, calm–

Allow my heavy heart to lighten

In flight with the words and wings of the mourning dove.


* Stanza 4


The mourning dove I longed to hear for nearly three decades in the city,

but so rarely heard,

Now so frequently sings to me,

soothes me,

Reminds me of calm,

Points to a place of peace

As I walk with Willow to the wooden gazebo,

As I pray at the top step of the chapel,

As we sit midst the geraniums on our front porch,

As I eat in the sunroom,

As I lie in my bed.



* Stanza 5


At times, as when I was much younger

At my Blanford home with woods to the south and north of me,

I yearn to echo the mantra of the mourning dove.

I know he will hear and respond to my call.

However, only my heart makes the call;

And always,

During these hard times,

the mourning dove is there–

Here for me–

Just like my dad

Who also loved the mourning dove,

Loved BJ,

Loved all the family,

loved me.



* * *


Blessings and peace,

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


June 10, 2020, Wednesday




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  1. Hugs, Alice as you process this loss. May memories and time bring you peace.
    Fondly, Fran

  2. Susan McKendry permalink

    Alice–Beautiful poem expressing such a variety of emotions. Like the other readers, it is wonderful to get a verbal picture of your new home and surroundings. I’m so happy for you and Willow, even though it’s hard to realize you are on the other side of the lake. Hope all continues well–Sue

  3. Carole permalink

    May peace be with you, Alice, and the family, as well.

  4. Thank you for this beautiful poem, Alice, that reflects so many emotions that you and all of our family are experiencing at this sad time. Your words soothe and comfort me and encourage me to focus on our many blessings—the blessing of our devoted dad, the blessing of enjoying our dear cousin BJ through the years, the blessing of your Leader Dogs, especially Zoe and Willow whose anniversaries you celebrate this June, and more, many more blessings, almost too many to count. With love and support for each other, our family will have courage and find the strength to get through this challenging time together.
    With love and appreciation,

    • Alice’s comment response to all who have posted comments during these first two weeks of June:

          As of late last night/very early this morning, I was finally able to change to my new e-mail address within the administrative site of this Word Press blog.  Thus, once again, I will happily be able to respond to each of your comments.  During this transitional time, please know that I have greatly appreciated your comments.

      Mary–Warm thanks for your lovely comment on this June 10 post.

      Take care!

      Alice and Leader Dog Willow

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