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July Sale! A Coupon for WORDWALK Readers!

July 5, 2017


July Sale!  A Coupon for Wordwalk Readers!


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



As the temperatures are soaring throughout much of the United States, would you like to think of “Christmas in July”?  The Ninth Annual Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale gives me the opportunity to mention again my book The Christmas Carriage and Other Writings of the Holiday Season (copyright 2016, DLD Books).  I am pleased to announce that as a part of the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale, the price of the electronic version of my book is $1.50 (US dollars) until the end of July, 2017.  (The print book is not a part of this sale; the cost of the print version of my book remains $7.50.)


Are you wondering why the promotion is called a “Summer/Winter Sale”?  During this July sale, while we, in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying summer, the Southern Hemisphere, of course, is in the midst of winter.  Smashwords readers are from around the world, and I would be delighted to know that the electronic version of The Christmas Carriage and Other Writings of the Holiday Season is being read by people in more than one country.


If you are not familiar with my holiday book, you may read the table of contents and a sample of my book at my author’s web page:


My author’s web page has links for ordering my book in a variety of ways.  If you wish to take advantage of the e-book sale, please go to the above link.  Then, on my author’s web page, you will find six options under “How to Order the E-book.”  Click on the Smashwords link, and you will go directly to the ordering information for my reduced-price book.  Although the coupon code is noted for you on this portion of the Smashwords site, I will tell you that the coupon code is:


The “50” at the end of the coupon code refers to the fifty percent off the regular price.


If you purchased either the electronic or print version of my book previously, I thank you very much.  If you have not yet read my collection of holiday short stories, memoirs, essays, and poetry, I hope you will consider purchasing the 101-page book at this half-price offer.  The e-book from Smashwords may be downloaded to Kindle, i-devices, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Sony Reader.


Next week, I will post a more traditional blog on Wordwalk.


Happy Reading!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


July 5, 2017, Wednesday



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One Comment
  1. mfanyo permalink

    Thanks for all the details of the sale, Alice! Good luck with the e-book sales of your delightful book!
    Love to you and Willow,

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