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Mini-Miracle on Ice or Bread from Heaven?

February 16, 2023

Mini-Miracle on Ice or Bread from Heaven?

By Leader Dog Willow, as DOGtated to Alice Jane-Marie Massa

                Hello, fans of WORDWALK! I, Leader Dog Willow, am happy to bring you another “dog blog,” by PUP-ular demand. Now, to the true tale at hand—or at paw.

                Do you recall the “Miracle on Ice” hockey game on February 22, 1980?  Well, I will let you decide if the following tale is worthy of the title “Mini-Miracle on Ice.”

                On February 10, my Alice and I were walking east toward the big lake.  On the north side of the block on Juneau Street, I abruptly came to a dead stop.  Although my Alice tried to use the suggestion “hup up” three times, I would not budge.  So, as happens most frequently, my Alice had to investigate:  slowly she moved her booted foot ahead and tapped a small puddle upon which was a thin layer of ice.  Under her boot, the ice disappeared.  My Alice praised me with smiles and enthusiasm as she petted me.  I knew I had done my job well and had to do a little wiggling and wagging with joy.  A-a-ah, life is good!  Nevertheless, this happening is not the major tale to tell.

                The next day, we set off for a walk to one of my favorite destinations—Panera.  Before turning onto Ogden, the long span of sidewalk (three blocks in length) was amazingly free of snow, ice, and salt.  Smooth sailing!  Then, suddenly, I had to stop abruptly.  Ice alert!  This time, the ice was a large expanse.  Although the ice was surprisingly very thick, the warmer temperatures brought forth a very thin layer of water atop the ice and made it even more treacherous.  My Alice went through the usual routine before realizing that trouble was ahead and that I was not moving from my “Ice Alert” stance. 

                Knowing that we did want to go to Panera for a loaf of multi-grain bread and having been thinking of that nice loaf of bread for a while, my Alice, of course, began her techniques for investigating the reason for my stopping.  Oh, was she delighted when she realized why I had come to a firm stop!  All of my seriousness was placed aside when my Alice not only praised me to the heights, but even gave me one of my special treats.  We shared that wonderful moment of  joy for a job well done!  For a few seconds, I wiggled and waggled my best; then, I was quickly back to my business. 

                My Alice wanted to determine how long the expanse of ice was.  While I held my ground, she pressed forward carefully.  Not a good idea this time!  The ice was so terribly slippery that you-know-who could not determine the expanse of the ice.  Then, she remembered that a week earlier, the area had been an expanse of slushy snow about the width of a driveway.  Oh, yes!  With great care, my Alice somehow extremely slowly turned around and stepped back onto the perfectly clear part of the sidewalk.  What a relief!  However, no Panera visit for me and no bread for my Alice. 

                Since my Alice knew that I was a little disappointed about not being able to go to Panera via another route due to construction, we headed back south and then west to walk around the ice skating rink at Red Arrow Park because my Alice knows how much I enjoy watching the ice skaters.  Yes, I know this part of my tale sounds a bit ironic.

                After three miles of walking, we returned to our front porch and front door where my Alice touched on the door handle a plastic bag.  At first, she thought advertisements or political placards were in the bag.  However, with a little more investigation, she felt the heavier weight of the bag.  What a nice surprise for my Alice!  The bag contained a loaf of bread!  When my investigator Alice felt the contour of the plastic bag, she was certain that the bag was from her favorite Italian market—Glorioso’s.  Indeed, the plastic bag was! 

                Being from ancestors of professional breadmakers, my Alice is frequently on a quest for a really good loaf of hearty bread.  A phone message confirmed what my Alice had assumed:  her longtime friend and former colleague had dropped off the gift of the bread while my Alice and I were making our way home from the Mini-Miracle on Ice.  My Alice was not at all disappointed to come home with no bread from Panera because she found the delicious Troubadour multi-grain bread  on the door handle of her townhouse.  She telephoned our friend, thanked him, and told him our tale. My Alice thinks that that “bread from Heaven”—bread from our friend–is the best bread she has eaten for a very long time. 

PAWfully yours,

Leader Dog Willow

February 15, 2023, Wednesday


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  1. How nice to hear from Willow today. It was enlightening to hear of some of your winter adventures. What a wonderful and careful guide you have in your Willow.

    Your search for a great loaf of bread is certainly one I can appreciate; we both know it will never result in a loaf to compare with the loaves of our Italian childhood. Nothing could be as enticing as the smell of those old bakeries.

    I hope the winter continues to be mild and allows you to be out and about.


    • Greetings from Snowy Milwaukee!  Fran–How nice to hear from you
      today!   Yes, the crusty loaves of Italian bread from Comba’s Bakery are
      precious memories from childhood.  Despite all of the heat from the
      brick oven, the aroma of that baking bread does happily fill the
      olfactory memories.

          I am ever grateful that Willow continues in her super cautious ways.

          Although our winter has been a mild one, we are expecting eight to
      ten inches of snow today.  Fortunately, 40-degree weather is expected to
      arrive this weekend.

      Sending warm thoughts and good wishes your way–Alice and Willow

  2. joanmyles permalink

    A truly delightful tail of a champion guide!
    Wags and kisses from Aries and me!

    • Dear Aries and Joan,

          Many thanks for reading my blog post and adding such a wonderful
      comment.  Milwaukee is expecting eight to ten inches of snow today, so I
      am wondering what wintry adventures lie ahead.

      Wags and good wishes from Willow

  3. Hi, Willow. This is Joy, Abbie’s robotic cat. I don’t envy you one bit having to walk out in the cold. Not even robotic cats like cold weather. But I hope you get a little piece of that bread, maybe with some tuna on it. Yum!

    • Well, having a comment from a robotic cat named Joy is a first for
      WORDWALK!  No tuna and bread for me–I will stick with my nutricious dog
      food and special treats.  One more point–my coat is so heavy that I
      most often do not mind what you think of as cold.  On the other paw, you
      should stay cozy and warm inside Abbie’s house.

      With wags of gratitude, Willow

  4. mfanyo permalink

    Hello, Alice and Willow,
    I enjoyed your blog post very much, Willow. You are a great writer, just like “your Alice”! I wanted to remind Alice of another time when she, along with our cousin Carole, and I enjoyed authentic Italian bread baked at the Italian bakery of our mother’s cousin. Every afternoon, Carole’s dad (our Uncle Pete) went to nearby Clinton to buy the freshly baked Italian bread to sell at our Grandma Lanzone’s grocery store. Riding home in a car filled with the tasty scent of warm crusty bread was too much to resist. We three girls had to have a taste of the bread right there in the car. No need for a bread knife—we simply tore the pieces and enjoyed the special afternoon snack all the way home.

    What delicious memories!
    Love to you and Willow,

  5. Susan McKendry permalink

    Who doesn’t like an adventure story with a happy ending? Probably this is why Willow’s posts are so PUPular!

    • Good Saturday morning, Sue–Thanks for reading my blog post! Very good
      to hear from you while we are waiting for some ice to melt.  We hope
      that all is well at the farm.

      Take care!  Your friend, Willow

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