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A Poet’s Credo

February 1, 2023

A Poet’s Credo

poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

I believe

in the reading and writing,

the creativity of poetry.

I believe in

the uplifting quality , wonder, tension, tenderness,

translucency, and tranquility

of the mirror of poetry.

I believe

in the angel wings of muses

that gently brush the poet.

I believe I have written poetry

with a plume

which was once an angel’s feather.

when I could no longer write with the plume,

I used the bold-nibbed fountain pen that bled into

the porous beige paper that wrapped around the bundles of

The Daily Clintonian.

When angel feathers and fountain pens

had to be put aside,

I turned to poetry

penned with a bold felt-tipped marker

and bold-line paper.

For a brief while,

white letters on a very large and dark screen

of a closed-circuit television (CCTV)

magnified my poetic world for me.

As my world was draped

with more and more curtains of gray,

a talking computer

came my way on an angel’s wing

so that still I could write

plenty of poetry.

Alas, the dancing feet of angels

stepped on my blank pages

and embossed the magical dots of braille

so that I could read aloud for others to hear

the poetry—

my poetry—

in which my heart


* * *

NOTE:  On January 19, I wrote this poem to share with my monthly critique group which met on January 26.  Would you like to write an “I believe” poem or essay?  I highly recommend the book entitled THIS I BELIEVE (Series, Book 1, copyright 2007) which is a collection of short personal essays by a variety of individuals.  This book is based on the NPR series of the same name.  During my later years of teaching, I used this book for a unit in one of my college-level writing courses.

Best wishes for a happy February!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow

February 1, 2023, Wednesday


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  1. I, too, wrote a poem inspired by something I heard on the This I Believe series on National Public Radio. It was published in How to Build a Better Mousetrap and is entitled “Dear Bill.” I’ll see if I can find the book. Thank you for sharing this poem.

    • Good Thursday evening, Abbie–Many thanks for giving this post a “like”
      and for commenting!  I am glad to hear that you also read the book THIS
      I BELIEVE and that you were inspired to write a similar type of poem.  I
      know I have read the poem you mentioned because I purchased that
      particular book of yours a number of years ago.

      Enjoy a creative February–Alice and Willow

      • I thought you might have read that for ticks particular poetry collection of mine. That’s why I mentioned the title. Since you’re reading this poem during the BOE readers workshop on Tuesday, if time allows, I’ll read my belief poem. Please forgive my typos. I am hurrying Lee dictating this on my iPhone before zooming into an ACV community social call.

      • Abbie–Sounds like a plan!

        Looking forward to Tuesday evening’s Readers’ Workshop–Alice

  2. Susan McKendry permalink

    Alice, I really enjoyed reading this poem for two reasons: the beauty of the writing itself, and the chronology of your vision loss which never slowed you down. Recent days busy, but I always read your posts even if I don’t respond at once.

    • Hi, Sue–No matter when you are able to take the time to respond or
      comment, I am grateful to find a note from you on WORDWALK.

      With thanks and good wishes, Alice and Willow

  3. This is so beautiful! I especially love your closing lines:

    “. . . the dancing feet of angels

    stepped on my blank pages

    and embossed the magical dots of braille

    so that I could read aloud for others to hear

    the poetry—

    my poetry—

    in which my heart


    The imagery of dancing angel feet creating braille communicates strength, magic, and joy.

    • Hello, Amy–Welcome to WORDWALK, and thank you for reading this poem and sending a lovely comment. My sister has told me a little about your writing, and I wish you much success and happiness with the publication of your children’s books.
      Take care!

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