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Hark! A New Year!

January 11, 2023

Hark!  A New Year!

(Taking the ‘H’ Challenge of 2023)

poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

Hello, New Year!

I see halos around 2023.

While “Hark! The Herald Angels sing,”

I bring to this new year


for more hope and humor,

for a hiatus from harsh words and harder feelings.

Resolution of the healthy kind?

Oh, yes, each day, I want to hydrate more.

Throughout this young year, I want to heighten my expectations

and expect a hefty load of happiness.

I plan to hoist all havoc behind

and hobnob only with very positive people.

Along the “Yellow-brick Road” of 2023,

I want to shake more hands,

also bring my hands together to applaud

hundreds of good deeds and good people.

Finally, I want  to continue holding onto the harness

of my most faithful and wonderful guide—nine-year-old Leader Dog Willow—

as we hasten through

these 354 remaining days of 2023

to write poems of hometown, history, and hearts

for heralded, heavenly you.

Best wishes for a creative and productive writing new year!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow

January 11, 2023, Wednesday


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  1. Hi Alice and Willow,
    Hurrah and hallelujah for this happy and hopeful piece!

    • Hello, Fran–How your comment–with all of the words beginning with “h”
      made me smile!  Many thanks!  After reading this poem at a monthly
      Readers’ Workshop on Tuesday evening, one of the members commented that
      I had not used the word “hug,” which you did!

      Very best wishes to you and your family throughout this new year–Alice
      and Willow

  2. Hi, this was a great post and I shared it to my Patty’s Worlds Facebook page.
    Have a Happy New Year!

    • Good Evening, Patty–Thanks again for your sharing my poem!  I do
      appreciate your reading my blog and posting a comment.

      Best wishes for a very healthy new year!

      Alice and Leader Dog Willow

  3. Alice and Willow – I really enjoyed your H- challenge poem! I hadn’t realized that H is one of my favorite letters! Our youngest grandsons, identical twins Henry and Holden, are happy boys who always bring hugs! I often call them H and H for fun. You have a gift for writing, Alice! Your blog is definitely a highlight of my week!

    • Happy Greetings of the New Year!  Gina–Your very sweet and creative
      comment today on this new year poem brightened my day! Thank you so very
      much!  You and Fran win the kudos for the allliterative responses!  Mary
      has told me about your twin grandsons with the wonderful names–Henry
      and Holden–that go along perfectly with this blog post.  How you must
      enjoy these two little boys and your other grandchildren!

      Best wishes for a very happy and creative 2023!

      Alice and Willow

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