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Kris Kringle’s Kerfuffle

December 24, 2022

Kris Kringle’s Kerfuffle

poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

Preparing his flight plan on the first of December,

Santa—aka Kris Kringle—was a wee bit perturbed,

“Oh, yes, indeed, I do remember

the problem we had with our flight last December.”

Dasher and Dancer quickly recalled what the issue was:

Prancer and Vixen agreed with the latest reindeer buzz.

Rudolph clearly spotlighted the challenging reason:

“Santa, I know the trouble with our previous season.

Ring Doorbells with cameras took away some of our magic and wonder.”

“Precisely, deer Rudolph, the situation was too close to tragic!

Michiganders Lanie and Caden saw my video and told

their cousins in Colorado.  Humph!  How bold!

Then, Emmy, Tyson, and Trey told their cousins in Arizona.

Next, Gracie, Emma, Bella, and Hunter

texted the news to more cousins in Mexico—

Mateo, Jero, Mia, and Luca.

Are you getting the drift of my kerfuffle?

The word kept spreading and spreading around the world.

You must understand how much I love the surprise, the mystery, the magic, and wonder

of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

I do not want a Ring Doorbell with camera

To squelch my endearing magic!”

All of the reindeer, all of the elves,

even all of the Elves on the shelves,

and Mrs. Claus gathered round

the Positively Peppermint Table

to brainstorm a solution before time for the stable.

Finally, Rudy happily offered:

“Santa, at each house with a Ring Doorbell with camera,

I will point my bright nose directly on the camera and smile.

Meanwhile, with my high beam directed perfectly,

you, dear Santa, can use your magic and

enter the wreath-adorned front door totally unseen

because the video will show only my brilliant red sheen.”

“Wonderful idea, deer Rudolph!

Now, we can plan for a magical Christmas night.

You, my bright Rudy, have brought an end to Kris Kringle’s Kerfuffle!

Let’s celebrate with gingerbread, hot cocoa,

and a little peppermint shuffle.

Mrs. Claus, may I have the first dance?”

Merry Christmas and yuletide thanks to all who visited WORDWALK this holiday season!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow

(written on December 12, 2022, Monday)

Posted on WORDWALK:  December 23, 2022, Friday


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  1. Good morning, Alice and Willow,
    What a clever gift for the younger ones in your family. I can only imagine how thrilled they will be to hear their names in this delightful explanation of the new world of security. The picture you paint of Santa and Mrs. Claus doing their “shuffle” is fun to imagine.

    Christmas wishes to you both. Stay safe, we’ll, and warm in this brutal weather.


  2. Susan McKendry permalink

    Merry Christmas Alice and Willow.. Enjoyed the poem as I am sure the children whose names are mentioned did. I loved the “deer” Rudolph.

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