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Wishes for Willow

October 19, 2022

Paw Notes on October 19, 2022

                On this October 19, 2022, as my Leader Dog Willow amazingly turns nine years old—in “people years”—I do wonder what her wish would be with the blowing out of birthday candles.  Certainly, I wish for her a long life with good health, happiness in her work and her home life.  Most thankfully, Willow’s guide work is as impeccable at age nine as it ever has been.  If I were blowing out the candles and making a wish, I do wish I could have seen her and held her when she was a very young puppy.  Only with my second Leader Dog Heather did I receive from her puppy-raisers two photos of my Yellow Lab when she was a puppy—a Future Leader Dog.  To those who gave Willow her lovely and most suitable name, I thank them for their very important part in Willow’s becoming such an exemplary Leader Dog.  To those who cared for and first loved the newborn Willow, her littermates, and their mother dog Holly—I think of you on this day with smiles of great gratitude and with awe.  With forever appreciation for the gift I was given, I am enormously proud to have my fourth Leader Dog ever at my side.

                Using each letter of Willow’s name for the initial letter of each of the poetic lines, I am sharing with you an acrostic of only six lines to mark and celebrate Willow’s birthday.

Nine Candles to Spotlight Willow’s Birthday

acrostic poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

Wonderful Willow, gifted guide dog,

inspires my mobility, poetry, and life.

Leader Dog extraordinaire

loves to work and loves her Alice.

October 19 Ovations, blue ribbons, and best of show!

Wow!  Nine candles glow with birthday blessings and wishes for Willow!

                To see a photo of Willow, you may visit my author’s page:

                For additional information about Leader Dogs for the Blind (Rochester, Michigan), please visit:

Enjoy the apples, pumpkins, and other treats of this autumnal season!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow

October 19, 2022, Wednesday


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  1. lindambritton permalink

    Happy Birthday, Willow girl. You are such a gift to Alice!

  2. Happy Birthday to Willow.
    I cannot believe it has been so long ago you got her.
    My dogs are now 13 and 18.

    • Good Thursday morning, Lynda–Willow sends a big “Thank you!” to you.

      Take care, and happy autumnal writing–Alice and Willow

  3. joanmyles permalink

    Sweet wishes and loads of wags and kisses for Willow on her birthday from Aries and me!

    • Good Thursday morning, Joan and Aries–I told Willow that she can
      celebrate her birthday for a week, instead of only one day.  So, we are
      delighted with all of the nice wishes on the second day of her
      celebration.  Willow wags a happy “Thanks” to Aries!

      Best always–Alice and Willow

  4. Katherine Binole permalink

    Happy Birthday Willow! You are such a beauty who’s brought your Alice so much joy and independence! I hope you get extra treats to celebrate your special day.
    Sending love and extra stroking on that beautiful black,soft, shiny fur.
    Love Aunt Kathy

    • Good Thursday afternoon, Aunt Kathy–Willow sends to you her very
      special thanks for the birthday wishes.  We are glad that you read and
      commented on this birthday post.  Via WORDWALK, e-mail, phone calls, and
      one braille birthday card–Willow has been happily showered with good
      wishes:  we are grateful.  This afternoon, Willow and I enjoyed a
      three-mile walk in the much nicer weather.

      Talk with you tomorrow!  Love, Alice and Willow

  5. mfanyo permalink

    Happy Birthday wishes to Willow on this day after your birthday! Sending you lots of love and pets, Mary

    Sent from my iPad


    • Mary–Thanks a bunch for the birthday wishes!  Since I am celebrating my
      doggie birthday for one whole week, you are not late with your wishes.

      Have a fun weekend–Leader Dog Willow

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