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Season of Poetry

May 4, 2022

NOTE:  Although we are now into an unusually cool and wet month of May, I am sharing with you a poem which I wrote at the tail end of National Poetry Month–late last Wednesday night (April 27). 

Season of Poetry

Poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

I went looking for a poem

and found one midst the sweet peas climbing over the east fence.

I went looking for a poem

and found one in the row of zucchini

growing in my father’s garden.

I went looking for a poem

and found one on the front porch swing.

I went looking for a poem

and found one atop the gob pile

as I took in the panoramic view of our small Hoosier hometown.

Now, where should I transplant these poems?

Should I plant this poem

in this plastic container on my cement porch?

Should I transplant this poem

in my city garden?

Should I transplant this poem

in the rock area behind my townhouse?

Maybe, I should translate this poem

from rural hometown to city residence

in words that are foreign to me.

No, I will transplant these poems

in my heart and in my magical memory

to carry them to their next destination.

I will plant these poems

into an old-fashioned runner desk’s inkwell

filled with teardrops

that will nourish each word into a poetic blossom

whose petals will eventually

fall onto pages as

velbety, unpublished verse.

* * *

Wishing you many poems to plant during this season of poetry,

Alice and Leader Dog Willow

May 4, 2022, Wednesday


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  1. joanmyles permalink

    Yes, poems are the air around us
    the very world of wonder near
    or far her urge astounds us
    connecting hearts…as you do dear

    • Good evening, Joan–What a treat to have a quatrain as a response!  Oh,
      I do like to think of poems as “the air around us.”  Thank you for
      sharing your poetic flair!

      Take care–Alice

  2. Thank you for the poetic images of our Indiana home and of your Milwaukee home, Alice. How pleasant to think of those special places in bloom for spring!
    Happy Spring wishes to you and Willow,

  3. Susan McKendry permalink

    Read this post right after purchasing broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi plants so I really liked the way your searches produced plants.

    • Hi, Sue–How nice to hear that you are gardening!  On this Saturday, we
      are finally having some truly lovely spring weather to enjoy.  Besides
      walking over three miles already this morning, Willow and I made our
      traditional purchas on the Saturday before Mother’s Day–two lavender
      plants.  So, I feel now as if my meager gardening season has begun at last!

      Take care, and call when you can–Alice and Willow

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