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Season of Prom Memories

April 27, 2022

Season of Prom Memories

poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

At the far side of the large closet,

on a plastic hanger is still

the yellow prom dress–

purchased alone at her favorite shop

on Wabash Avenue in Terre Haute, Indiana.

In 1967, on the rack at The Lisbon Shop

were very few prom dresses in size 3, petite.

Luckily, one seemed perfect:

pale yellow with a boat neckline

trimmed with tiny embroidered flowers,

sleeveless, Empire waist,

mock trail off the back shoulders,

full-length, lemon Chiffon over taffeta.

The long white gloves and white heels are lost,

but the pastel yellow prom dress

drapes over the hanger like

a cascade of memories.

“Whispers of the Orient”

was the theme of the prom

at the Aragon Ballroom,

on the north edge of Clinton, Indiana.

The date did not have enough money to rent a tuxedo,

so he wore a nice blue-gray suit–no matter!

A corsage of three bright yellow roses

with white ribbons and lace

were pressed between the pages of a thick dictionary

and were kept for a long time–but no more.

Most people would bring to life prom memories

through photos in an old album;

but once in a blue Moon,

one who cannot see photos

touches the memories

of a saved yellow prom dress

on a plastic hanger,

at the far side of a large closet

reserved for recollections.

* * *

Happy memories to all during these final days of National Poetry Month!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow

April 27, 2022, Wednesday


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  1. Susan McKendry permalink

    Enjoyed reading this poem with the details of your prom experience. I am sure the pale yellow dress was lovely contrasted with your dark hair!

    • Hi, Sue–Thanks for reading this poem and sending a comment.  I have
      been thinking about you and hoping we can talk sometime next week.  What
      a time for JEOPARDY fans!

      Take good care–Alice  and Willow (Mary told me that surprisingly, the
      dress has not faded in color.)

  2. Hi Alice,

    As you often do you captured us with a poignant reminder of a precious time with words that put us right there for this special evening.

    What a lovely recollection of an exciting purchase and time. I too, had a yellow prom dress, one covered in white lace, purchased at the Meis store in Terre Haute. Mine was saved, but not so carefully, and served in the dress up clothes box for the grandchildren until just a few years ago.

    Of course, my prom was also at the Aragon Ballroom. How fortunate our small town was to have that available as an alternative to the school gym. I wonder if it was as grand as it seemed then?

    I hope you and Willow are doing well and enjoying these early spring days.

  3. What a sweet poem of a special high school memory, Alice! The yellow prom dress is still so pretty—I”m glad that it still makes you happy.
    Love to you and Willow,

  4. This was a very beautiful and memorable poem, thank you for bringing us back to that magical night.

    • Hello, Rebeca–Many thanks for reading this post and leaving such a nice
      comment!  How nice to hear from you again!

      Best wishes for a happy month of May–Alice and Willow

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