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Memory Streams for National Poetry Month

April 21, 2022

Memory Streams

poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

In the woods behind our Blanford home,

a little stream flowed between the lowest point where two hills met.

at whichever Indiana season,

the woods beckoned us to enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature.

At times, we walked along the stream;

at times, we jumped over the unnamed stream.

Other times, the stream’s bed was dry.

After all of these decades later,

I do wonder if the stream still flows,

if the trees have grown so densely

that walking paths are encumbered and unwise,

is that little wood still a friendly,

picturesque place to absorb and appreciate nature?

Behind my paternal grandparents’ home,

chicken area, shanty, barns, and fields

was also a wood and little stream.

These hills were noticeably higher

and were great spots for sledding

down to a frozen stream.

Once in fairer weather, we ran through this woods,

jumped over the stream,

and hiked up the far hill

to be eye witnesses to the boxcars–

filled with grain and other unknown commodities–

that had derailed.

on Trail 3 at Turkey Run State Park,

we walked along the stream,

an offshoot of Sugar Creek,

until we arrived at the famous ladders

which family members and I climbed to arrive at a higher point

on the trail classified “rugged”

during those years before

my guide dogs led me


through natural wonders

and over the memory streams of life.

* * *

Best wishes for the remainder of National Poetry Month!

Poetically yours,

Alice and the PAWet Laureate Willow

April 20, 2022, Wednesday


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One Comment
  1. Thanks for the memories of the streams from our Hoosier days, Alice. I suppose mushrooms are growing near their beds at this time of year.
    Love, Mary

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