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Happy National Poetry Month!

April 12, 2022

NOTE:  Due to three rounds of company for the first time since pre-COVID and due to my being extremely busy with planning and coordinating activities for National Poetry Month, I have regrettably missed two weeks of posting on my WORDWALK blog.  I hope to return to my regular postings on WORDWALK with the following poem (written on April 9) and more to come during this wonderful National Poetry Month of April.  Best wishes for enjoying the reading and writing of poetry throughout National Poetry Month!

* * *

A Transplanted Wisconsinite’s IF

Poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

If the winter were not so long and longer,

if winters here were not so severe,

if second softer winter did not come instead of glorious spring,

if–on the ninth of April–the stiff north wind did not blow the (fake) fur-trimmed hood off my down coat,

if we had a magnificent Hoosier spring,

if summers and autumns were longer,

if winters were shorter,

if some family members lived in this state,

if my friends were not growing older,

if a friend did not have cancer,

if I were young again–really young again,

if miracles came true for more than a few,

if my garden could be planted before the first of June,

if that guardian angel would stay in my pocket …

this Hoosier-at-heart could really like Wisconsin

for more than its Milwaukee sidewalks

which I have memorized

while my cherished guide dogs

have been and are at my side–

no matter where I am planted.

* * *

Poetically yours,

Alice and the PAW-et Laureate Willow

April 11, 2022, Monday


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  1. Susan McKendry permalink

    Alice and PAW-et Laureate Willow–A very nice poem that made me think of other places I have lived with a better climate than WI, but like you, here I am. Finally have some spring flowers that normally show up earlier, but so happy they will be here for Easter. Here’s hoping you have a nice one.

    • Happy Easter to you and John!  How nice to know that some of your
      flowers will be in bloom for the Easter weekend!  Thanks for reading and

      Take care, and talk with you soon–Alice and Willow

  2. So happy to read your blog, Alice! IF I could, I would give you a bouquet of my bright yellow daffodils that are blooming in my front garden. They are so cheerful and are at their peak in time for Easter Sunday!
    Happy Easter Wishes to you and Willow!
    Love, Mary

    • Easter Greetings, Mary–How nice that your daffodils are so perfectly
      timed this year for Easter!  Enjoy them and all of those live little
      bunnies in your yard.

      Talk with you soon–Alice and Willow

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