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A New PAWspective on Labor Day

September 6, 2021

A New PAWspective on Labor Day

by guest blogger Leader Dog Willow

                By PAWpular (popular) demand, I, Leader Dog Willow (the Labradorable guide dog of that writer you know as Alice) finally get my turn again at blogging on WORDWALK.  Since someone has been so very busy this week, I eagerly volunteered to give my PAWspective on Labor Day.

                With all due respect to those humans who work especially hard and long hours each week, I want to switch your focus onto working animals–most specifically guide dogs.  Just like humans, we guide dogs also deserve some of the spotlight and appreciation on Labor Day.  Two of my specialties are guiding Alice safely around the seemingly ever-present construction, as well as guiding her smoothly over the trolley tracks.  Throughout all four seasons of the Midwest, I do enjoy my work as a superior Leader Dog. 

                Have you ever realized that even when I am not in harness, not working, I am always–24/7–on call?  Nevertheless, I would never think of complaining because I am over-the-Moon happy and proud to be the Leader Dog for Alice, who always talks so sweetly to me, praises my work frequently, gives me scrumptious food and treats, has my water bowl filled at all the right times, keeps my three beds (one by the computer, one in the living room and one beside the big bed) in comfy order, keeps me especially well-groomed, gives me gifts of new toys (I prefer the fluffy, squeaky variety), plays with me, and lets me know everyday how enormously much she loves me and appreciates my impeccable guide work.  Therefore, my labor is truly, to use a cliché, “a labor of love.” 

                So, if you happen to see a guide dog proudly leading his or her handler on Labor Day, please smile and say “What a Good working dog!”

Happy Labor Day to all of my favorite humans and fellow guide dogs!

Leader Dog Willow

September 6, 2021, Monday


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  1. Alice, thanks for sharing your blog with Willow today. What a great post she wrote. I think she could write an entire book if she had the time to do it. Happy Labor day to you both.

    • Good morning, Lynda–Many thanks to you for your nice comment!  A book?  Oh, maybe, I will think about one when I retire.

      Have a PAWticularly Happy Labor Day!

      Leader Dog Willow

  2. Thank you, Leader Dog Willow, for your “labor of love” in guiding Alice the way you do. We are so pleased to know you and to have seen you work — your “labor of love!”

    • Dear Linda, Charlie, and Ember,

          Warmest thanks to you for your comment on my blog!  I am so glad that you were able to read it early this morning.  I am so happy to hear from you!

      Blessings to all of my former neighbors on this Labor Day!

      Leader Dog Willow

  3. mfanyo permalink

    Congratulations, Willow, for being a GREAT working dog on this Labor Day and every day. You are an amazing guide dog and a wonderful writer! I very much enjoyed reading your blog post!
    Looking forward to visiting you and Alice soon!

    • Hello!  A-a-a-ah, I am a little shy when I receive so many compliments!  Nevertheless, I love to hear all the words of praise!  Thanks a bunch!!  Maybe, you can talk to you-know-who so that I will not have to wait so long to be a guest blogger again.

      See you soon–Leader Dog Willow

  4. Susan McKendry permalink

    Good job Willow!

  5. Susan M. McKendry permalink

    Dear Willow,
    After I read your blog yesterday, I read several items about 9-11 and how it changed our lives. This made me think of another working dog, one who was in one of the towers when the attack occurred. This courageous dog led her person, along with many others to safety down many flights of stairs. Then the pair had to find their way home as their normal route was blocked. The dog was Roselle, and her handler, Michael Hingson, wrote a book called “Thunder Dog.” It is a New York Times bestseller. I’ve decided to re-read it as we are nearing the 11th of September. I am very grateful that this book was a gift from a long-time friend. Keep up your good work, and thank you for reminding us that guide dogs are an important part of the labor force.

    • Hi, Sue–Like you, I, also, have been thinking of the book THUNDER DOG, its author Michael Hingson, and his then guide dog Roselle.  If I can squeeze in the time, I hope to post something for the 20th anniversary of 9/11 on Friday night or Saturday. Thus, thank you for mentioning this wonderful and memorable book by Michael Hingson.  Finally, I was pleased to hear your voice-mail message!

      Best to you and John!

      Take care–Alice and Willow

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