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Planting a Prayer Garden

August 25, 2021

Planting a Prayer Garden

poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

After watching the news

and listening to radio reports

during the past days,

previous weeks, and recent months–

instead of planting a Victory Garden,

I highly recommend and encourage you

to plant what so many people and places around the world need right now–

a Prayer Garden.

Please do your part at this time of great need:

plant a Prayer Garden

and nurture it daily.

After sprinkling the beckoning soil with holy water,

instead of seeds,

I sincerely ask that you

select the finest rosary beads.

With all due respect,

I can tell you that the rosary beads

will grow and develop into some of the finest prayers

for which the world has a great hunger and need.

As the rosary beads blossom into prayers,

pick them daily:

you will find that by the next morning,

new rosary buds will appear

and will be ready to pick as Evening Prayers.

When you have a basketful of prayers,

spread the petals everywhere:

your heart will be happier and lighter.

Then, hopefully, the world will have a few less burdens to bear.

Of course, a Prayer Garden is not seasonal:

it is truly a garden for all seasons,

for all good reasons. 

* * *

Warm blessings to all,

Alice and Leader Dog Willow

August 25, 2021, Wednesday


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    • Hi, Lynda–Thank you so much for reading this little poem and sending a comment.

      Take good care!  More soon–Alice and Willow

  1. mfanyo permalink

    Amen! Thank you for sharing a much-needed prayer, Alice!
    Love and peace to you and Willow,

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