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Along a Christmas Wordwalk, Thinking of Christmas Miracles

December 24, 2020

Along a Christmas Wordwalk, Thinking of Christmas Miracles

By Alice Jane-Marie Massa

                On this Christmas Eve of this most unusual and challenging year of 2020, on my Christmas WORDWALK, I am thinking of miracles–Christmas miracles.  Thus, this shorter than usual blog post will include an acrostic poem of only seven lines and a link to a very special holiday performance. 

                As I write this holiday post, we are witnessing, what is to many of us, the miracle of the vaccine against COVID 19.  How grateful we are to all who brought forth such a miracle vaccine!  Although I wrote the following poem in December of 2018 with other thoughts in mind, I now believe that this short acrostic has another meaning in 2020.  If you read only the initial letter of each of the seven lines, you will find that the “stem” or “acrostic” spells out the word “miracle.”  Our best gift–our miracle gift–this Christmas is the vaccine.  God bless all who developed the vaccine, produce it, distribute it, administer it, and receive the vaccine; with this miracle, let us all look to a brighter, happier, healthier, and more peaceful new year.

‘Tis the Season of Miracles

by Alice Jane-Marie Massa

Miracle?  Yes, ’tis the season!

Incredible–yet I believe.

Rare, remarkable–so, we rejoice.

All still are praying; all were praying:

Come early Christmas miracle,

land with angel’s wings on holy hope.”

Especially now, everyone is grateful, faithful, blessed.

* * *

                Even when I was a child, I really liked the singing of Tennessee Ernie Ford.  Thanks to my smart-speaker, I have been enjoying listening to rotations of songs of Tennessee Ernie Ford’s Christmas recordings.  Thus, I found “The Little Gray Donkey”–a spoken word and singing performance by Tennessee Ernie Ford, accompanied by the Roger Wagner Chorale.  The following link is from the 1963 Christmas special entitled “The Story of Christmas,” a one-hour television broadcast in color.  However, the link is only of “The Little Gray Donkey” and is approximately four minutes.  I chose this performance as a follow-up to my short story “Merry Christmas from the Mary Club,” posted on WORDWALK on December 9, 2020, because of the two donkeys in my short story.  I hope you will enjoy the spoken-word and musical performance via the link below as my gift to you this Christmas.

Warmest wishes for a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow

December 24, 2020, Thursday


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  1. Susan M McKendry permalink

    Merry Christmas, Alice & Willow–Thanks so much for this post, the “miracle” theme is so appropriate at this time of year, especially with the vaccine on the horizon. But thanks especially for the Tennessee Ernie Ford video with the patient little grey donkey. It is beautiful, and so nice that I can listen to it over and over.–Sue

    • Christmas Greetings!  Sue–I hope that you have been enjoying a very nice Christmas.  Thanks so much for your comment on this post.  I am really glad to hear that you like Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “Little Gray Donkey” as much as I do.

      Enjoy this holiday week!

      Take good care–Alice and Willow

  2. Merry Christmas, Alice and Willow!
    Thank you for the inspiring poem, which gives all of us hope for a special miracle perhaps allowing us to resume a more “normal” life in this world. What a delight to see Tennessee Ernie Ford sing “The Little Grey Donkey.” I am looking forward to seeing the live Nativity at my church on Sunday evening. I’m guessing it will include a little donkey.

    Love and Best Wishes,

    • Christmas Greetings!  Mary–Oh, yes, I do hope that the live Nativity that you will see on Sunday will include a “Little Gray Donkey.”  Coincidentally, Sunday will mark your 45th wedding anniversary.  So, Happy Anniversary to you and Ric!

      Best wishes–Alice and Willow

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