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The Writer’s Magical Wand

July 22, 2020



The Writer’s Magical Wand


Fanciful Poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa


Walking through the Forest of Poe-trees,

I found a writer’s wand–

Undoubtedly, left there by the Poetry Witch.

I waved the wand around and around

And found myself in Poetry Town.


Oh, you, too, would enjoy the journey

To Poetry Town.

Where is it located?

Well, of course, it is in the state of Imagination,

In the County of Creativity,

Right along the Rhyme River.


On the Town Square, make your first stop

At the County Courthouse’s

Poetic License Branch

Because each citizen or visitor of Poetry Town

Must always carry a poetic license.


Next, stop by the Ideas Fountain.

If you throw a coin into the fountain,

You are guaranteed a writing idea for the day.


Are you having trouble with revising a poem?

Simply drop into the Butcher Shop

Where the butcher–editor–

Will carefully trim unnecessary fat and gristle

From your favored poem.


Do you need a little more

Flowery language in your poem?

The Poetry Town Florists

Have bouquets of word choices for you.


Would you like some food for thought?

I heartily recommend the Poet’s Salad

At the RHYME-aurant.

For dessert, I suggest

Metaphor pie or a simile sundae.


Each Friday, shop around

The variety of stanzas at the Farmers’ Market

For farm-fresh inspiration.


Every morning, on the north side of the town square,

Enter the Poetry Town Bookstore

To hear a poet’s

Marketing his or her new poetry book.


Each evening, stroll into

The Poetry Town Public Library

To join a stimulating, rhythmical discussion

Of chapbooks and other poetry books.


Just in case your writer’s wand

Is not working quite right,

Do not hesitate

Joining the line into Mr. and Ms. Fix-it Shop,

Right next door to the wonderful Readers’ Workshop.


If you need to re-acquaint yourself

With your Poetic Muses,

Confidently drift

Into the Poetry Town Museum

At any hour of the day.


At each corner of the square,

You will find a critique cottage.

Join the kindly critique cottage

That best supports your authorial spirit.


Finally, pause by the post office

So that your poems

Will be posted all around

The whimsical, magical Poetry Town.


* * *


Enjoy a creative week!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


July 22, 2020, Wednesday




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  1. Dear Alice,
    Your delightful poem is truly magical as it creates for me such wonderful images of your Poetry Town! Thanks for the smiles this evening!
    Wishing you and Willow magic that lasts all summer long!
    Love, Mary

    • Hi, Mary–Thanks for your creative comment!

      Hoping you are enjoying HAMILTON!

      Alice and Willow

  2. Carole permalink

    Your creativity is endless, Alice! This cute poem would be a fun lesson for an English class! I love it!

    • Carole–Thanks very much for the “like” and your nice comment!

      “Hello” and my best to all!

      Take care, and stay cool–Alice and Willow

  3. Susan M McKendry permalink

    Alice–This poem is so cleverly constructed from Poe-trees to the postings in the post office. I really enjoyed reading it, and I agree with the above comment about it being used as a lesson in an English class. You and Louise Penny will make a poetry-lover out of me yet–Sue

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