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Poem for National Poetry Month and Hiatus in May

April 29, 2020


Our Little Road


Poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa


A little past the iron bridge over Brouilett’s Creek,

Off Highway 163,

Between this rolling hill and Highway 71

Is the little road

That was blessed with neighbors’ houses,

Hoosier corn fields, fields of golden wheat,

Soybeans, woodlands, and Mr. Vzgalia’s cattle.

At the top of the hill,

Just off our little road,

Was the old mine’s gob pile–

Our small town’s mountain

from the top of which I saw the world

and dreamed of far-off places.


Then, just west of the gob pile

Was the Massa home–

With a large, welcoming front porch

From where we could watch the cars go by

On our little road–

The “Blanford Cut-off Road.”

Hands would raise in warm greetings;

Shouts of “Hello!” were exchanged

Like little-road handshakes.


From this J-shaped, white-rocked driveway,

Down the Blanford Cut-off Road,

I went to taste the future,

Then embrace it–

Went as far as that little road could take me–

Happily, mostly successfully, blessedly.

Now, if only I could find again

That little road

To go back

Home, sweet home

To my Indiana.


* * *


HIATUS NOTE: Well, I am not going back home to Indiana (although I wish I were): I am moving from where I have lived for the past nearly twenty-nine years and am moving to the other side of the lake. Yes, I know that I have finally decided to make the big move at the absolute worst time. A massive construction project directly across the street from where I live prompted this decision. Since I am overwhelmingly busy with preparing for the move and will be extremely busy with the move and getting Willow, my computer and all settled at the new location–I will be on a reluctant hiatus from WORDWALK at least until the first Wednesday of June. So, please join me again on this WORDWALK on June 3, 2020, when I will share my moving experiences and Willow’s impressions of her new home.


Happy International Guide Dog Day to all guide dogs and their handlers who have taken this WORDWALK!

Happy final day of National Poetry Month–tomorrow, April 30!

With healthy wishes and thanks, in advance for keeping WORDWALK in mind for June 3,

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


April 29, 2020, Wednesday



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  1. joanmyles permalink

    Such sweet memories, darling Alice, you will obviously carry your lovely home wherever you land. wishing you a smooth journey, and an easy transition, much love to you and Willow *singing daffodils**swaying willows**embracing children*

    • Joan–Many thanks for your commenting and your sending good wishes for my move!  Yes, that Hoosier home does travel with me wherever I go.  Also, thanks for the “like” and all of your delightful emojis!

      Take good care–Alice and Willow

  2. Susan M McKendry permalink

    Alice–Thanks for the hometown poem as your last for April. I have so many images of Blanford and the surrounding area in my mind from your many descriptive posts. Sad to think of you and Willow leaving the area without a chance to say good-bye in person. My hope is that there will be a way to send some violets and lilies of the valley with you for your new home. So, we will see what the next few weeks will bring. As soon as the plants emerged this spring, I thought of you and the great success you had with those I gave you last year. Wishing you strength and courage in this move and all the best in your new home–Sue

    • Sue–A bouquet of thanks for your very nice comment! Coincidentally, lilies-of-the-valley were discussed on the Larry Meiller Garden Show on Wisconsin Public Radio on Friday; then, this afternoon, I, too, thought of you when I was cleaning out all of my containers of my container garden.  I do hope to take all of the empty containers with me for a Michigan garden.  Willow and I will certainly miss you, but we will keep in touch.

      With gratitude for your great friendship, Alice and Willow

  3. Katherine Binole permalink

    Alice, I loved this last poem ,Our Little Road, most of all. It brought back so many happy memories.
    Such a carefree happy time we had growing up in small areas like Branford and Klondike. I look forward to more blogs regarding your move and new home soon.
    Love, Aunt Kathy

    • Aunt Kathy–Special thanks to you for this comment about our days in this rural town of Indiana!  Especially during these highly unusual times, that simpler way-of-life and small-town living sound so appealing.  How wonderful to have your perspective on my blog again!

      Take good care–Alice and Willow

  4. Dear Alice,
    Your beautiful poem warms my heart while at the same time “pulls my heart strings.” I rode my bike up and down our little road so many times going to my favorite Aunt Kathy’s house to play badminton in the summer time or to play with my three little cousins whom I adored. I also rode to our Grandma’s Grocery store, our Aunt’s Italian restaurant, and sometimes all the way to the Post Office where our mother was the postmaster. Although I often had skinned knees from falls in the gravel, I persisted in my travels. I never dreamed that I would grow up and live so far from our little road for most of my life. Let’s plan a trip to drive by car, not bicycle, on our little road next summer past the gob pile and our beloved home all the way to the Post Office. I hope that you and Willow find your own little road to enjoy at your new Michigan home.
    Love and Best Wishes,

  5. Carole permalink

    Safe travels and best wishes as you journey to your new destination and lifestyle! May your new home and community bring much happiness and contentment for you and Willow!
    The Morgans

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