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Confetti of April Prayers: A Poem for National Poetry Month

April 1, 2020


April Is Also National Poetry Month!


By Alice Jane-Marie Massa



While this entire month of April seems defined by COVID 19, please remember that April is also National Poetry Month. Throughout these extraordinary thirty days of April, I hope that you will take at least a little time to soothe your soul and lift your spirit with poetry. Furthermore, if you are participating in home schooling, I do hope that you will consider encouraging one or more young students to read some poetry and write a poem. For the very young ones, you may just want to try a rhyming game and then read a children’s book with a rhymed story to these little ones. What a wonderful time to bring some poetry into your home!


Confetti of April Prayers


Poem for older readers, by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



I know

There are unanswered prayers–

At least, some seem unanswered.

While some people know well daily prayers,

there are rare prayers,

From those who usually do not care for prayer.

Next in line are the unexpected prayers–

Prayers in the midst of tragedy or triumph.

Also, there are the patient and impatient prayers–

As well as prayers from patients and medical professionals,

Pastors, parents, and politicians,

Post office clerks and police,

Poets and priests …


There are prayers from playgrounds and Ground Zero,

From farmlands and factories,

Sandy beaches and Basilicas,

Homes and hospitals …


However, with all of the overwhelming news of Corona,

How can there be enough prayers?

How can I pray for one person or group,

But not another?

How can I pray for all?


Then, I turned around and found

A wicker basket on the ground.

Inside the basket was

A rainbow of confetti.



I heard an angel’s whisper:

“Say your prayers;

Then, throw some confetti into the air.

Your April prayers will go everywhere–

Where prayers are most needed,

For prayers fly safely with confetti

And then land gently upon

So many weary, but welcoming hearts.


* * *


Enjoy National Poetry Month!

Be well and poetry positive!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


April 1, 2020, Wednesday



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  1. joanmyles permalink

    Love the idea of rainbow confetti prayers blessing the world’s inhabitants, thank you my beloved friend! *starlight**doggy wags**children embracing*

    • Joan–Many thanks for your comment and for the “like” on this first post of NPM.  Since all is so busy this April, I will be posting only once a week, as usual–no extra posting for National Poetry Month of 2020.

      May your poetry garden grow and grow this April–Alice and Willow

  2. Susan M McKendry permalink

    Thanks to all who are praying!

    • Sue–Amen, and thanks to you for being such a wonderful friend to Willow and me!

      Best always–Alice and Willow

  3. Dear Alice,
    On this dreary day in Arvada, I welcome the joyful image of colorful confetti filling the air above a wicker basket and landing where prayers are most needed!
    With love and prayers for you and Willow,

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