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Celebrating Seven Years on WORDWALK: Preliminary Steps for New Bloggers

January 16, 2020


Celebrating Seven Years on WORDWALK: Preliminary Steps to Blogging


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



On January 19, 2020, Sunday, I will mark seven years of weekly blogs on this WORDWALK and will look toward a new eighth year of blogging. Have you ever thought of initiating a blog? Creating and posting a weekly blog on Word Press may be much easier than you may think. Since I am really not a “techy,” please keep in mind that if I can post a blog on Word Press, you can also. Although Word Press offers tutorials for new bloggers, I am sharing with you some steps to ponder.


Preparing for Initiating a Blog


STEP ONE: Reason(s) for Blogging


Why do you want to start a blog? Determine the focus for your blog.


STEP TWO: General Purpose


__ to inform

__ to persuade

__ to entertain

__ to inspire

__ to preserve family and/or community history

__ a combination of the above

__ all of the above


STEP THREE: Topic(s)


Now that you have a focus and general purpose in mind, determine a more specific purpose for your blog and/or a topic or group of topics for your writing. Some bloggers focus on one limited topic while others write on a variety of topics. I prefer to write on a variety of topics; but I most often focus on my small hometown of Blanford (Indiana), my Italian-American family, my four Leader Dogs, and writing.


STEP FOUR: Type of Writing or Genres


__ personal essays

__ poetry

__ journalistic, report writing

__ persuasive essays

__ political commentary

__ recipes

__ how-to pieces

__ humorous essays

__ travel writing

__ short stories

__ more than one of the above


STEP FIVE: Name for Your Blog


Make a list of possible names for your blog. Some of your ideas may already be in use, so try to create a name for your blog that represents well your focus and you, as well as one that is unique.


STEP SIX: Password


Of course, you will need to think of another password. You can think of a password in advance of your initial work session also.




Word Press allows you to create a “tagline” for your blog. You may wish to write a tagline that is one sentence. My tagline is: “This Word Press site is a WORDWALK at the intersection of Alice Avenue and Memory Lane.”




Word Press allows you to create a “Profile” of your blog and yourself. Thus, write a “Profile”–an article to introduce yourself and your blog to your new readers.


STEP NINE: Blog Post


Now, you are ready to write, edit, revise, and proofread your first blog post. Before initiating your blog, prepare at least one blog post. Happy blogging!


IMPORTANT: A piece which is posted onto a blog is considered “published”; thus, if you intend to submit the piece to other sources (publishers), you may choose not to post the piece on your blog. Only some sources allow submissions to be works that have been previously published on a blog. Carefully read the writer’s guidelines for magazines, journals, and other sources where you would like to submit articles for publication. Secondly, remember that all that you post on the internet will be there forever; so, go wisely and gently into the blogging world.


NOTE: I am beginning this eighth year of blogging with a new computer which just arrived on Monday, January 13. I am still trying to fine tune my new version of Word to suit my writing and editing style. Soon, I hope to have all back in the order which I prefer. Meanwhile, I thank you for your understanding and patience.


Happy blog reading and writing during 2020!

Alice Massa and Leader Dog Willow


January 15, 2020, Wednesday




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  1. joanmyles permalink

    Congratulations! Keep writing, learning, growing, blessings to you! *smiling heart*

    • Hi, Joan–Many thanks for your encouraging comment and the “like.”  I am looking forward to the “Kindling Friendship” segments on your blog.

      Best to you and Ari–Alice and Willow

  2. Hi, Alice,
    Thank you for the informative article about initiating a blog. I never really thought that I would consider writing a blog; however, as I begin to think more about retiring from active teaching in prekindergarten, your post encouraged me to consider that possibility. Through the years I have created many units of study complete with learning activities, art projects, educational songs, and more to enhance the lessons for my little students. Perhaps these materials could be appropriately shared with parents and teachers of young children in a blog format. I appreciate your inspiring me to explore having a “Miss Mary” blog sometime in the future!
    Wishing you continued success with your special weekly blog that I eagerly anticipate every Wednesday!
    Love, Mary

    • Good Saturday morning, Mary–Great idea!  Whenever you decide to retire, I do hope that you will do a blog as you have described to share your expertise and many years of experience and planning. What I am planning to post next week will be of special interest to you.

      With best wishes for your upcoming project,

      Alice and Willow

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