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Holiday Poem: Just One Gift

December 18, 2019


YULETIDE NOTE:  After beginning the month of December on WORDWALK with a short story (“The Christmas Poet”) and then sharing a holiday recipe last week–on this chilly night in Milwaukee, I am decorating this post of WORDWALK with a short, twelve-line Christmas poem.  Since we all are so very busy with just seven days until Christmas, I think this Wednesday is the perfect time for a brief WORDWALK–just a little poem with a sleigh-load of meaning.  Enjoy!


* * *


Just One Gift


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Within the fragrance of Balsam pine,

beside the wreath we made of twine,

at the farm where we heard the sheep,

before the Manger where the Babe did sleep,

where our hands are joined in prayer,

below the glow of candle’s golden glare,

while the harpist strums gloriously to play

all the joyous carols of Christmas Day,

as I stand here so near the tree,

please think little–so little of me:

give me, give me just one gift–

winter’s peace in snowy drift.


* * *


Wishing a winter’s peace to all this holiday season,

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


December 18, 2019, Wednesday



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  1. joanmyles permalink

    Lovely, thank you, dear Alice! *smiling heart*

  2. Susan M McKendry permalink

    Merry Christmas Alice & Willow–Lovely poem and lovely gift wish. Hope it comes true!


  3. Your winter poem warms my heart, Alice! Thank you for your precious gifts that you share with us today and every day.
    Wishing you and Leader Dog Willow love and joy this Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas Greetings, Mary–You are welcome, and thanks for your nice comment.

      Best wishes to you and your family for a Jolly Colorado Christmas!

      Christmas Eve blessings–Alice and Willow

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