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A Thanksgiving Abecedarian

November 27, 2019


NOTE:  On this Thanksgiving Eve, for the fourth part of “A Month of Gratitude,” I am thankful for this wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving–its treasured memories and its current blessed moments.  As I conclude the “2019 Cornucopia of Thanks,” I am happy to share with you a new poem–an abecedarian.  If you read down the left column, you will notice that each line begins with the letters “A” to “Z,” in alphabetical order to form the 26-line abecedarian.



A Thanksgiving Abecedarian


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Appetite anticipating

Butterball turkey on a festive platter.

Cranberries–my favorite–bubbling on the stovetop.

Dinner plans are coming to aromatic fruition.

Everyone is warmly welcomed:

family, friends, and a few new neighbors

gather gratefully to share this Thanksgiving Day,

home, sweet home, and heartfelt gratitude,

Indiana hospitality with an Italian-American touch.

Join the party:  help set the table.

Kitchen is filled with pots and pans, people and pies,

love and warmth from the chef and cooks and children, too.

Memories moisten eyes, but enrich this special day.

Nice gestures fill the cornucopia of kindness.

Once again, we are ready!

Prayer is said for all at our table and for those only in our hearts.

Quickly bless this photogenic, fragrant food:

roasted turkey, homemade pasta, mashed potatoes,

sweet potatoes, green beans, and all the trimmings.

Thanksgiving dinner–we happily compliment and share.

Understand always the meaning of this day:

volumes of gratitude are showcased today.

Wishbone is pulled by two tickled parties.

X marks the spot for the “wishbone winner!”

Younger generation, how I wish you had experienced

Zita’s–my Aunt Zita’s–Thanksgiving of much too long ago.



May you be on the right side of the wishbone this Thanksgiving

so that your wish may come true!

With hearty thanks for joining me on this Thanksgiving WORDWALK

and with sweet wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving,

Alice and Willow


November 27, 2019, Wednesday



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  1. During most of this past year in facing multiple challenges, we have had an abundance of blessings for which to be thankful, and especially so for the thoughtful support of family and friends! Alice, we have appreciated your Cornucopia of prayers, calls, emails, texts, and the beautiful cards and sentiments.

    We wish you and Willow a very Happy Thanksgiving and extend heartfelt appreciation for all that you have done and continue to do for the family!
    The Morgans

    • Thanksgiving Day Greetings!  Carole and Tim–What a pleasant surprise to find this lovely message from you on my Thanksgiving blog post!  You are welcome.  I share in your abundance of gratitude for all being healthier now–and hopefully through the New Year.

      Take care, and enjoy this Thanksgiving Day and all of your dance performances!

      Alice and Willow

  2. Alice, what a lovely poem sharing memories of Thanksgiving with your family. I hope you and Willow are having an enjoyable holiday.

    • Abbie–Thanks for reading my blog post and writing a comment.  We hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

      Talk with you on Sunday evening–Alice and Willow

  3. Katherine Binole permalink

    Alice, I loved your Thanksgiving poem. How lucky we were to experience the large family gatherings at mom Zita’s. Your poem got Bill talking about how much he enjoyed Thanksgiving family dinners at his grandma Zita’s. I am thankful Bill was with me for Thanksgiving. We still miss those Indiana gatherings. I am thankful for phone calls and texts from my kids and family during holidays. It helps bridge the distance between us. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Willow. Love, Aunt Kathy

    • Holiday Greetings!  Aunt Kathy–I just opened my e-mail and was delighted to find your special comment on this Thanksgiving post! Many thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving thoughts!

          I hope your bad weather in Minnesota clears up soon.

          One of the highlights of this Thanksgiving was my great-niece’s reading aloud to me THE CAT IN THE HAT.  What a good first-grade reader she is!

      Take care, and enjoy all the happy happenings of December!

      Love, Alice and Willow

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