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Cartwheels and Cotton Candy

August 21, 2019


NOTE:  After the lengthy WORDWALK posts of the past two weeks, I am today sharing a short summer poem.  Thanks for reading my longer posts of family history, and now please enjoy the following new poem on this brief WORDWALK.



Cartwheels and Cotton Candy


poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Confidently throwing hands down

onto the cool, soft Hoosier blades of grass,

somehow kicking my legs up and around

into the humid Indiana air,

I relished doing a cartwheel,

another cartwheel, another cartwheel

through the east yard of our Blanford home.


Where did my spring and summer of cartwheels go?

When did I stop doing cartwheels?

I wish I could recall the exhilaration

of my first successful cartwheel

and the day and year of my final cartwheel.


I remember, too, the summers

of doing handstands in the swimming pool.

Now, what year did I stop doing handstands?


I think the year was a couple of summers

after I stopped eating the sweetest treat of summer–

cotton candy.


Perhaps, in my silver years of summers,

what I need is another dose of

cotton candy.



Enjoy these waning days of summer!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


August 21, 2019, Wednesday



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  1. Dear Alice,
    Cartwheels were always a bit of a challenge for me, but I certainly did enjoy that pink cotton candy! What a treat on a warm summer evening for our family to drive to Twin Lakes Park in Paris, Illinois, where we would ride on the beautiful carousel, play miniature golf, and eat sweet cotton candy! Thanks for another precious summer memory!
    Love to you and Willow,

  2. Paula J. Lumb permalink

    Beautiful imagery and words that conjure up pleasant memories long forgotten. This poem feels like the circle of life.
    I’ve enjoyed your longer blogs about your earlier life and memories of place, people and time. Thank you. Dear Alice . You and Willow enjoy the last days of summer!

    • Hi, Paula–Many thanks for your lovely comment!  I was especially thinking of you and your family this weekend when I received my audio copy of the 2019 spring/summer issue of MAGNETS AND LADDERS.  Thus, I heard the excerpt of the novel SULLY STREET, written by your brother Deon.  How special to read the excerpt in MAGNETS AND LADDERS!  The online version of the literary magazine MAGNETS AND LADDERS is available to all, free of charge, at:

      Of course, SULLY STREET and the poetry book of D.P. Lyons are available on Amazon also.

      Hoping your summer has been going well,

      Alice and Willow, with best wishes for a Happy Labor Day!

      • Paula J. Lumb permalink

        Thank you for remembering Deon (who would have been 59 years old tomorrow!) and giving me the access info for Magnets and Ladders. Alice, you and Willow have a wonderful holiday as well. Take good care! Paula

      • Dear Paula,

            Bless you for reminding me of the anniversary of Deon’s birth tomorrow.  He and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow.

        Many thanks for keeping in touch!

        Take care–Alice and Willow

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