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Remembering My Dad on Father’s Day, 2019

June 16, 2019


Remembering My Dad on Father’s Day, 2019


by his second daughter, Alice Jane-Marie Massa



For more than two decades,

I have marked Father’s Day without you

at our table, at my side.

Leaving flowers at your graveside,

warmly thinking of you–

what more can I do

to honor your greatness

on this Father’s Day, 2019?


Not just this special day,

but all days,

I remember you with lyrics of love.

I know you were the great “good luck” of my world.

You gave me the positive notes of my repertoire,

the best days, and the most cherished of memories.


On a gravestone in Roselawn are

a hummingbird and an iris,

your name–James F. Massa–

but your love and kindness

still grace and emanate from those

whose lives you touched:

we learn, lead, and love

by following your example.

If we shine,

we are once again and always

in the glow of your smile.


In Heaven,

do you have a room with a view?

Are you watching us–

watching over us?

Have you seen my precious Willow?

Have you smiled upon

your five great-grandchildren?

Have you kept the rain away

from our picnics, parades, and parties?

Have you rained

upon our gardens of life?

Have you been in the wind

that caresses us?

Do you sometimes coo

soothing words of wisdom to us

through the mourning dove?


For all that you did for us

while you walked this Earth,

I marvel at all

that you still must do

because I know you are with us,

with me,

each day;

and each day and night,

each Father’s Day,

my heart

and all hearts you have touched

are beating

with soft, unending notes

of everlasting gratitude

for you

who sat so importantly and serenely

on the front porch swing of our blessed lives.



Whether you are remembering your dad or celebrating with him today,

God bless all on this Father’s Day,

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


June 16, 2019, Sunday




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  1. Thank you, Alice, for putting into your well-chosen and heartfelt words special thoughts and feelings about our wonderful Dad. We were so blessed to be his daughters and to have celebrated Father’s Day with him and in honor of him for many years. He will never be forgotten!
    Love, Mary

    • Hi, Mary–From your perspective as “first daughter,” your comment on this post about our dad is especially appreciated.  So often I remember the words of Joanne Marietta Peperak who, at Dad’s funeral, said with her usual exuberance that Dad “was always smiling.”  Her words have echoed in my mind and given me comfort and hope when I miss Dad so much.

      With thanks for all, Alice and Willow

  2. Katherine Binole permalink

    Alice, what a beautiful tribute to your dad. I can’t believe how beautiful words flow in your poem and are so full of love and respect for your dad. Love, Aunt Kathy

    • Hi, Aunt Kathy–If I did not know otherwise, I would think your comment is that of a teacher of English.  Special thanks for your lovely comment!  You were so lucky to have four older and wonderful brothers; and they were so lucky to have you as a sister.

      Have a good week! Love, Alice and Willow

  3. Francetta Rayce permalink

    Loving words for an exceptionally good man. You were blessed.
    Love, Fran

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