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May in Indiana

May 25, 2019



Welcoming Springtime in Indiana


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Not a red carpet,

but a checkered black-and-white carpet

welcomes springtime and 33 drivers to Indiana.

The green flag is waved

while racing and springtime burst forth

in my Hoosier homeland.


The rototiller is in the garden,

the Wheel Horse is trimming the green grass,

tractors are in the fields,

and Indy cars are at the Speedway.


Sweet peas are trailing up the east fence,

irises are winking at the sun,

dogwoods are blossoming in pale pink,

calves are playing in the pasture,

and the crowds are in the stands

for “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.”


Hooks in the ceiling of our big front porch

held nothing all winter;

but now, my dad stretches his 6’1″-frame

and places a link on each hook

so that, blessedly once again,

our varnished and beloved wooden swing

adorns the porch of our Blanford home.


Sitting beside my dad

on our front porch swing,

I witness his enthusiastic “Hello!”

and his massive Hoosier wave

to a peopled car that drives down

our rural cut-off road.

Puzzled, I ask my smiling father,

“Who was that?”

Wearing his cap with the Indy 500 logo,

my dad grins and says,

“I don’t know.”


A checkered flag, a porch swing,

and my dad’s Hoosier wave

were precisely what was needed

to welcome my heart and my senses,

to welcome everyone

to springtime in Indiana.


Enjoy the Indy 500!

God bless all who are remembered on this Memorial Day!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


May 25, 2019, Saturday



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  1. Annie Chiappetta permalink


    This brought on memories of summers with my Dad, thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, what heart-warming memories, Alice! Thanks for creating those beautiful Hoosier scenes with your words.
    Springtime Blessings to you and Willow!
    Love, Mary

  3. Paula Lumb permalink

    What a perfect blending of the Indy 500 , preparing for the garden and the annual hanging of the porch swing! What wonderful sensory memories, Alice. Happy Spring!. Remembering loved ones on this holiday.

  4. I love the “Who was that?” The wave was such a part of our rural Indiana culture, as were those baseball style hats with their various advertising and location symbols. Such sweet memories.
    I hope that you and Willow had a Memorial Day filled with remembrance and peace.

    Love, Fran

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