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Children’s Easter Poem for National Poetry Month

April 19, 2019


Poetic Day 19 of National Poetry Month:  April 19, 2019, Good Friday


For most of us, the first poems we heard were nursery rhymes and other rhymed stories from children’s books.  Perhaps, additionally, when we were quite young, we might have encountered poetry in children’s magazines.  To mark not only this 19th day of National Poetry Month, but also Easter, I am sharing with you a poem for children’s enjoyment during this Easter weekend.  As usual, five writing prompts will follow this poetic story for the little ones.



Caden, the Cardinal, and His Easter in the Woods


a poetic story for children


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa


Shortly before sunrise on Easter morning,

Caden, the Cardinal, was happily singing:

“Purdy-purdy-purdy, tweet-tweet.”

Looking down from a branch on the tree,

Caden, the Cardinal, spotted a soft, little lamb.


“Oh, Mr. Cardinal, your song sounds so sweet.”


“Thank you , Miss Lamb,

I am vocalizing–practicing–

on this Easter morning, for the sunrise service

at the lovely lake at the edge of the wood.

What are you doing in this wood?”


“I am Lanie, the Lamb.

I was playing here with my cousin,

but I have lost him–without question.”


“Possibly, he went to the lake.

Follow my flight, we’ll arrive in a shake.”


As the sun was rising higher in the sky,

Caden and Lanie made their way through the wood.

Then, a bunny hopped onto the path and said “Hi!

Where are you going?”


“I am Lanie, the Lamb. Good morning!

I am following that Cardinal to the lake.

Would you like to hop along?

Just follow his song.”


“My name is Tyson, the Bunny.

I am happy to join the two of you.”


From above, Caden, the Cardinal, sang,

“Please join us for the Sunrise Service, too.”


Hopping along their wooded way,

the trio met a deer named Trey.

Tyson, the Bunny, wasted no time.

He asked, “Would you like to come with us to the edge of the wood?

The Easter Service at the lake should be quite good.”


“Oh, yes, I am Trey, the Fawn.

Let’s hurry to the lake.

It’s almost dawn!”


“Purdy-purdy-purdy, tweet-tweet!”

Hurry, hurry!  Hurry, scurry!


“Stop!  What’s the rush?”

asked a little red pup.

Trey Fawn promptly replied,

“Come with us to the lake if you can keep up.”


Running alongside the foursome,

The little red pup rapidly said:

“I am Harper, the puppy.

Of course, I’ll keep up.”


At the edge of the wood,

Caden, the Cardinal caught sight of the lake

and also spotted another lamb–it was no mistake.

When Lanie, the Lamb,

saw her cousin Luca at the lake,

she bleated with glee.

“Ba-a, ba-a, cousin, it’s me!”


From the nearby farm,

three more little red puppies came running–

Gracie, Isabella, and Emma Kay–

all with pink ribbons–so stunning.

Harper was so happy to see her littermates!

All tails were waving and wagging.


Finally, they all looked toward the lake on this fine Easter Day

and saw Emmilyn, the Mallard, who was ready to say:

“Before Caden, the Cardinal, leads us in song,

from all of my Mallard family,

Welcome, welcome–I’m so glad you could come.

here, at the lake, where we all belong.

With Mia and Mateo at my side,

Let us all now pray.

Felices Pascuas Floridas,

Buona Pasqua.

Thank you, God,

for this woods and this world;

and bless all of its creatures.

Happy Easter Morning!

Happy Easter Day!”


NOTE:  This piece is still a work-in-progress which includes the names of all twelve little ones in my extended family.  I wish all of them and all of my WORDWALK readers a wonderful Easter weekend.


* * *




  1. Write an Easter or a Passover poem for children.
  2. Write a poem about a walk in the woods as spring is budding forth.
  3. Write a poem which emphasizes the fragrances and sounds of the woods.
  4. Write a poem about the calmness of a lake.
  5. Write a children’s poem with a touch of humor.


Best Wishes for a Happy and Blessed Easter!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow (who wants a major role in the next draft of my story)


April 19, 2019, Good Friday




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  1. Susan M McKendry permalink

    Alice–what a wonderful gift to the children in your family–one that will last forever and that they can some future day share with their children.–Sue

    • Easter Greetings, Sue–Thank you!  Your nice comment means so much to me.

      Enjoy this lovely April day in Wisconsin!

      Happy Easter to you and your family!

      Alice and Willow

  2. Alice, what a sweet poem. I remember the lullabye you wrote for Lanie, after whom I’m assuming you named the first lamb. How long ago was that? I bet she’s getting to be a big girl now.

  3. What a delightful poem, Alice, made even more special by your using the names of all the precious little ones in our family! I can certainly see this as a picture book for children—can you?
    Happy Easter wishes to you and Willow!

    • Easter Greetings!  Mary–I am so glad to hear that this children’s story is “grandmother-approved” by the Mammar/Grandma of five of the twelve children who are named in the poem.

      Enjoy your Easter dinner with all of your company!

      Easter blessings–Alice and Willow

  4. Such a lovely poem! Harper was very flattered to be mentioned and declared your poem to be “Great!!” Have a Happy Easter!

    • Easter Greetings!  Jenna and Harper–I am delighted to have your comments on this children’s poem.  Thank you!  Harper gets the prize for being the first four-year-old (almost five!) to critique one of my poems.

          What a lovely weekend for Easter egg hunts!

      See you soon!

      Happy Easter  to you two and all of your family!

      Alice and Willow

  5. PJ Lumb permalink

    This is such a sweet children’s poem, and a lovely tribute to all of the little ones in your family, as well.. Well done, Alice!

    • Hello, Paula–I am always pleased to find a comment from you on my blog.  I have been thinking of you and your family and hope that you had a blessed and peaceful Easter.

      With thanks and warm wishes, Alice and Willow

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