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Dedication to Deon during National Poetry Month

April 15, 2019


Poetic Day 15 of National Poetry Month:  April 15, 2019, Monday


While planning and posting a new poem and five prompts for each weekday (thus far) of National Poetry Month, I am inspired to achieve my goal by a poet/writer/blogger friend–Deon Lyons.  My plan has been to dedicate this poetic effort on WORDWALK to Deon at the midpoint of National Poetry Month.  I thought I should wait until the middle of April so that I could be certain that I would reach my poetic goals for National Poetry Month of 2019.  I have waited until today to announce this dedication; however, sadly, the mourning dove flies over WORDWALK again.


At 11:15 p.m., on Friday, April 12, Deon–my friend and twice poetic collaborator–passed away peacefully.


For someone who had more than once written a poem and posted it on his blog for each day of National Poetry Month of previous years, how poignant that Deon passed away in the midst of a month dedicated to poetry.  In addition to publishing a collection of his poetry in the book entitled Ready, Set, Poetry–Deon Patrick (D.P.) Lyons authored the novel Sully Street.


For decades to come, Deon’s gentle, caring, thoughtful, understanding, kind, and creative ways will continue to inspire poets and writers throughout the United States–and most assuredly this poet.  (Special thanks again and always to Deon for his clever and wonderful comments posted almost weekly in the comment section of this blog from 2013 to 2018.)


When I was in the process of putting together my holiday book, two of my favorite parts were writing the acknowledgements section and crafting the dedication.  If I had not been inspired by Deon’s blog, I would not have initiated WORDWALK; if I had not accumulated so many pieces through my weekly blog, I would not have published a book in December of 2016.  Most importantly, if I had not met Deon through the writers’ group Behind Our Eyes, I would never have come to know this extraordinary person who has touched the lives of so many people in so many positive ways.  Thus, at this midpoint of National Poetry Month, I, in this small way, give tribute and thanks to Deon by dedicating my twenty-two WORDWALK blog posts of National Poetry Month to him.



Acrostic Dedication


poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa




engraved onto a preliminary page,

displayed in a permanent book,

impressed into my heart–

crystalizes comments,

arranges words, feelings,


into flags flying

outstretched over a readership

never to forget the honored and inspiring name of Deon Lyons.


* * *




  1. Write a dedication in the poetic form of an acrostic.
  2. Write a poem which is dedicated to someone you know, have known, would like to know, or would have liked to have known.
  3. Write a poem about loss–the loss of a person, pet, place, or object.
  4. Write a poem about something which you unexpectedly found.
  5. Write at least two quatrains expressing a dedication to poetry.


With thoughts of sharing peace and comfort through poetry

and with heartfelt sympathy for all whose lives have been touched by Deon,


Alice and Leader Dog Willow


April 15, 2019, Monday




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  1. Francetta Rayce permalink

    Dear Alice,
    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend and mentor. I recall seeing his astute and articulate comments to your posts.
    Surely he already lives on in your work and the encouraging help he extended to others. What a fine legacy as you continue his mentoring example by reminding me and others to express ourselves in poetry.

    Happy Easter to you and to Willow,
    Love, Fran

    • Fran–Your especially kind and thoughtful words, as well as your remembering Deon’s comments on my blog, are much appreciated. Also, thank you for the comforting and encouraging notes.

      Easter blessings to you and yours!

      Hoping you enjoyed the special Sunday–Alice and Willow

  2. Alice, I am sorry for your loss. Your post for Deon was very touching. May Deon continue to inspire wonderful poems.

    • Jenna–Many thanks for reading this post and sharing such kind words.

      Easter blessings to you and yours–Alice and Willow

  3. Dear Alice,
    What a blessing for you to have known this remarkable man! I always enjoyed Deon’s positive and enthusiastic comments on your blog posts. I know you will miss him very much.
    With sincere sympathy and love,

    • Mary–Thank you, and many thanks for lighting candles for Deon during the past several months.

      Easter blessings–Alice and Willow

  4. Susan M McKendry permalink

    Alice–So sorry to hear that you have lost your good friend, Deon. I am always amazed at your wide circle of friends, both literary and just social as well as your extended family. Although your dedication to Deon is so touching, I’m willing to bet that he was also inspired by your literary collaborations and friendship–Sue

    • Sue–Once again, I thank you for your nice comments and do appreciate your time.

      Easter blessings to you and yours–Alice and Willow

  5. Hi Alice, on this very quiet Easter Day, I found myself entering into Deon’s blog world. The memories are overwhelming, and I thank you for your dedication. Do you happen to know how to print a blog? I would like to have a book or a way to have all of his blog entries in a file or book or printed. I do know how to sign in his blog account. Thank you, Lyn

    • Easter Greetings, Lynne–I greatly appreciate what you are doing this morning and will send more information by e-mail shortly. Thanks for reading this blog post of mine.  Knowing that you will save all of Deon’s wonderful writings that he posted on his blog warms my heart and brightens this Easter Sunday.

      More soon!

      Easter Blessings–Alice and Willow

  6. Paula Lumb permalink

    Alice, I missed this earlier blog. I am so humbled by your tribute. Your words and poem honor him greatly. I am moved to tears yet again. No one could have written it like you did. Thank you again. Blessings and peace.

    • Dear Paula,

          Now that this piece has your comment, the post seems to be complete.

          I will catch up with you in a few days.

      With special thanks,

      Alice and Willow

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