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Poetic Day 4: One Cinderella Moment

April 4, 2019



Poetic Day 4 of National Poetry Month:  April 4, 2019


Did you ask your smart speaker to tell you something about National Poetry Month?  Yes, Alexa–or whoever your “house guest” is–will give you a little information about this especially poetic month of April.


The following poem reflects true happenings from a 1979 bus tour of the New England states, which I greatly enjoyed and remember fondly.  While I briefly mentioned this event in another longer poem, the happening is the sole focus of this new poem.



One Cinderella Moment


poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



At the Astor Mansion,

in Newport, Rhode Island,

the son of the house

presented only to me

a perfectly variegated,

in shades of light pink,


from the Astor Garden.


I had never touched

such an expansive, exquisite rose.


A-a-ah, my Cinderella moment in life

came when I was twenty-nine.

With the single rose in hand,

I returned–

not to the pumpkin-shaped carriage–

but to the tour bus of New England.


The picturesque rose

and a sprig of honeysuckle–

given to me by the “lady of the house”

when we toured the Astor Garden–

arrived home with me

in Indiana

where I placed the dried and pressed

rose, leaves, and honeysuckle

onto an oval covered with pink-and-white checked gingham

and then behind the glass

of a gold oval frame

where the Cinderella moment

remained captured and displayed

for decades.


* * *




  1. Write a poem about a floral memory.
  2. Write a poem about a real or imagined “Cinderella moment.”
  3. Write a poem based on a tour of an historic home or other point-of-interest.
  4. Write a poem in which you detail the flower or flowers you gave as a gift.
  5. Write a poem in which you mention honeysuckle.


NOTE:  Your comments on these April posts need not be in the form of a poem–although poems are also welcome.  Additionally, you always have the option of just giving one of my posts a “like,” which will be greatly appreciated.  All writers of poetry need readers of poetry.  Thanks for doing some of your reading this month on WORDWALK.


Continue the poetic confetti to celebrate National Poetry Month!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


April 4, 2019, Thursday

Thank you for reading this piece and honoring its copyright!



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  1. Dear Alice,

    What a clever way to remember your trip! Your poetry postings prompted me to write list poems about each of my grandchildren for my life stories group. This encouraged someone else to try writing her first piece of poetry so your influence led yet another person to explore the joy of poetry.

    Happy spring to you and Willow.

  2. Oh, Alice, I do remember this story and how very much you, Mother, and Dad enjoyed that east coast bus trip! As with everything, you have a detailed memory of the historical places you toured. Ric and I took a similar trip in 1981 visiting many of the sites you had recommended. One of my favorite souvenirs is the cranberry glass vase from the cranberry bogs of New England! I use it often for fresh flowers and thoroughly enjoy it.

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