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Official Forecast for National Poetry Month

April 3, 2019


Poetic Day 3 of National Poetry Month:  April 3, 2019


Do you feel poetry all around you during this budding season of the year?  If you are coming to WORDWALK for my typical weekly post on each Wednesday, please continue reading below today’s post to find the posts of April 2 and April 1 (in which I explain the origin of National Poetry Month).  As this month devoted to poetry progresses, I hope to create for you a new WORDWALK post on at least each April weekday.  The format of each post of this special month will contain a brief introduction, one of my poems, and then five prompts for writing a poem.  I look forward to your April visits on WORDWALK, as well as your comments and/or poems in the comment section of this blog.


Official Forecast for April


poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



The official forecast for April is:

windy with a one hundred percent chance

of poetry.


Each morning, as the sun spotlights

ribbons of rhymes,

reach high for the ribbons

and tie them into bows

on each branch of the po-e-TREES.


Each evening,

poetic words will alight–

just like the lightning bugs of August.

Please try to catch only a few

of the glow-words

and place them into a clear glass jar.

The lid must have air holes

so that the words can breathe–

later come to life

in a brilliant verse.


Each night, watch for

falling poems.

Use a butterfly net

or other such object

to catch the falling poetic words.

Once you have a collection

of the poetic specimens,

place them in creative order

to craft

a prize-winning poem.


Each April midnight,

just before you fall asleep,

tuck under your downy pillow

a fallen poetic word.


The next morning,

you will find that the Poetry Fairy

has left you

the title of a poem

to make you smile with the dawn

of a new poetic day.


* * *




  1. Write a poem about writing a poem or about being creative.
  2. Write a poem about weather reports.
  3. Write a poem about catching something with a butterfly net.
  4. Write a poem in which lightning bugs tie together the stanzas.
  5. Write a poem in which falling stars are mentioned.



Read a poem!  Write a poem!  Share a poem!


Best wishes for a creative day!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


April 3, 2019, Wednesday

Thanks for reading this piece and honoring its copyright.




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One Comment
  1. What a clever and delightful poem for this third day of National Poetry Month, Alice!
    Love to you and Willow,

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