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Celebrating the Sixth Anniversary of WORDWALK

January 19, 2019


Celebrating the Sixth Anniversary of This WORDWALK Blog


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Six years ago, on the Saturday of January 19, 2013, I initiated this WORDWALK blog.  On that Saturday afternoon when my friend Jenna helped me to set up this blog, the weather in Wisconsin was much better than this weekend.  Last night and today, instead of writing, I have been shoveling, shoveling, and shoveling snow.  Now that the snow has finally stopped for a while, the temperatures are dropping while the wind chills are increasing.  Oh, winter in Wisconsin!  However, this blog is to celebrate six years of blogging.  So, we will shovel aside the snowflakes to focus on WORDWALK.


With this post being my 323rd, the average number of blog posts per year is 53.83; thus, I am achieving my goal of at least one blog per week.  The most visits one of my blogs has welcomed is 384.  This past year, I, with my keen interest in preserving family history, am delighted to announce that the post with the second most views was “Remembering Grandpa Store on the 142nd Anniversary of His Birth” (posted on October 3, 2018).  In first place for the number of views is the following poem, which was part of my April 11 post during National Poetry Month.  Since this poem was so popular in 2018 and since it is one of my favorites, I am sharing the poem once again as part of this sixth anniversary celebration.  I do appreciate all of my readers and am delighted that your visits to my blog rated the following poem as my “Top Post of 2018.”



What Is the Name for a Group of Poets?


a poem by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



A colony of beavers

must know something

about colons and semicolons.

A sleuth of bears

hibernates to envision

the highs and lows of detective stories.

A kaleidoscope of butterflies

flutters around fictional fantasies.

But, what do we call

a group of poets?


A murder of crows

sounds appropriate for

a group of mystery writers.

A flight of doves

must develop

many creative ideas.

A convocation of eagles

must ease into

historical fiction.

A cast of falcons

must focus on

TV scripts and stage dramas.

A stand of pink flamingos

perches upright and ready

to present

behind any podium.

Perhaps, you can think of what to call

a group of poets.


A cackle of hyenas

have to turn to comedy.

A troop of kangaroos

can write military history.

A leap of leopards

jumps into a variety

of genres of literature.

A charm of magpies

channels their talents

into romance writing.

A watch of nightingales

knows when to write

bedtime stories for children.

Before the end of this night,

please tell me the name

for a group of poets.


A parliament of owls,

a pod of dolphins,

a pride of lions,

a company of parrots,

a kit of pigeons,

a litter of puppies–

all meet to ponder

the predicament of naming

a group of poets.


Near the Poetic License Branch,

a  chattering of squirrels

may reveal the choice.

A game of swans may select

the winning name.

A descent of woodpeckers

may tell us their pick.

A dazzle of zebras

strongly endorses:

“a passion of poets.”


However, I vote with

an exaltation of larks

and their proclamation of

“an exclamation of poets.”


We will write,

discuss, recite, and critique


welcome, and come join my

Exclamation of Poets.


[copyright 2018]


As I raise a cup of hot tea, I say,

“Cheers to all of my WORDWALK readers!”

With much appreciation,

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


January 19, 2019, Saturday




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  1. Happy anniversary! The time has certainly flown since your blog’s beginning. Cheers to many more years of excellent writing!

    • Lady Bunbury (aka Jenna)–Special thanks to you for taking the time to read and comment on this post in particular!

          I hope that your weekend plans did not have to change due to the snowy weather.

          Unbelievably, a fireworks display was set off while I was posting this blog–only in Milwaukee, fireworks in January!

          HELLO to Harper!

      Stay warm, and enjoy your Sunday–Alice and Willow

  2. Celebrating the Gregariousness of Poets – a fellowship of convivial comrades.
    Happy 6th Birthday dear Friend.

    • Hello, Lynda–A thousand thanks for your alliterative and creative comment about WORDWALK’s sixth anniversary!

      Enjoy your snowscapes in Pennsylvania!

      Take care–Alice and Willow

  3. Dear Alice,
    With a series of exclamation marks, I send congratulations to you on six years of Wordwalk!!!! Your dedication to your readers in posting your blog every week without fail, and your endless creativity in writing interesting poetry, prose, and more are admirable! Thank you for making Wednesday a special day for all of us who eagerly check our e-mail to see what amazing ideas you have to share with us.
    Love, Mary

    • Hi, Mary–Many thanks for your too kind and generous words for WORDWALK’s sixth anniversary!  I appreciate your being a regular reader and weekly commenter.  In one way or another, to one degree or another–I use my blog to try to preserve some of our family history.  Just yesterday I received another comment from someone who was pleased to find the blog post of the Polenta Dolce recipe; the person who commented had a connection with Turino and wrote that the recipe was almost identical to her recollection. Preserving our family history has also helped others to find or re-connect with a bit of their own family history.

      With our gratitude, Alice and Willow

  4. Carole permalink

    Cheers, Alice! Your six-year efforts of creativity have been quite amazing! This poem is also a favorite of mine and helped me to solve the “Pod of Dolphins” puzzle on Wheel of Fortune last night, which was ironically the anniversary date of your blog. We have become avid viewers of the game, which I remember was a favorite of your father’s.

    Keep warm and safe during your Arctic blast of snowy days and wind chills.

    The Morgans

    •    Hi, Carole–Thank you for posting this comment about WORDWALK’s sixth anniversary.  Also, I enjoyed reading your anecdote about WHEEL OF FORTUNE.  What a coincidence!  Yes, both Dad and Mother were big fans of the television program WHEEL OF FORTUNE.  When my nephews were much younger, we played the “board game” of WHEEL OF FORTUNE that belonged to my parents.  In recent years, each day at the close of JEOPARDY!, I think of my parents when the opening of the WHEEL is broadcast.

      Best wishes from chilly Milwaukee–Alice and Willow

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