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Yuletide Letter of Thanks for Santa

December 26, 2018


NOTE:  If you have been too busy to visit WORDWALK during the past couple of days, please check out the two previous posts.  One is about “Silent Night” and includes a link to a harp rendition of the 200-year-old carol.  The earlier post contains a link for viewing a photo of my Leader Dog Willow with Santa.  For my typical Wednesday night post on this 26th of December, I am sharing the following holiday letter with you.


Yuletide Letter of Thanks for Santa


from Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Dear Santa,


Yes, I know that what I asked for was a bit unusual.  However, you delivered!  Many thanks!  The Milwaukee Streetcars not screeching while making turns was a BIG request, but you performed a Christmas Miracle because at each turning point of the trolley’s 2.2-mile loop–NO screeching on Christmas Day nor today (December 26, 2018)!  Santa, thank you for this “Peace on our little part of the Earth.”  Not hearing the screeching when Willow and I are at or near an intersection where the trolley turns and not hearing the screeching inside my townhouse from very early morning until very late at night have been enormously appreciated, wonderful gifts!


While engineers, allegedly, are trying to determine what makes the trolley screech most of the time and not on other rare days, I am postulating that the reason for “Peace on our little part of the Earth” was due to the very light dusting of magical snowflakes which you micro-managed in order to bring forth my requested gift precisely on Christmas morning.


Santa, when you delivered all the splendid gifts to all of the good children in Milwaukee, I certainly hope that you did not catch “streetcar-itis” nor “trolley-itis.”  With your sleigh and famous team of reindeer, you are the “king of quiet.”  I highly recommend that you maintain your devotion to what has worked for you for centuries.  Forget the streetcar!  Santa, stick with your magical sleigh!  No one has ever heard your sleigh screeching.  Actually, we have never even heard one little screech from those flying reindeer–not even a chomping sound when they eat some carrots or cookies.  Indeed, you all did earn your “Silent Night” seal-of-approval.


Santa, I knew you could do it–and you did!  Now, could you manage to continue this trend of non-screeching trolleys throughout the new year?


With special thanks for “peace on our little part of the Earth,”

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


December 26, 2018, Wednesday



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  1. Carole permalink

    Alice, we’re happy to hear that you received a peaceful gift from Santa! May the New Year bring bountiful blessings of cheer and contentment for you and Willow!
    Best wishes and Happy New Year with love,
    The Morgans

    • Carole, Tim, and Bebe–Many thanks for your nice comment and the good wishes!  Willow and I send our best wishes for a happy and healthy new year to you!

          Around ten o’clock tonight (December 27), the temperature was an amazing 51 degrees!

      Take care–Alice and Willow

  2. Sue McKendry permalink

    Alice, I’m so happy that Santa was able to deliver your gift! I also got more than I expected from friends and family, including two wonderful books and a beautiful scarf which is a perfect “runner” for our dining room table. Now let’s hope you and Willow get your wish for a new year that is peaceful and quiet–Sue

    • Hi, Sue–Thanks for sharing and for your good wishes also!  All happily remains peacefully quiet, and I am very thankful.

      Best wishes for a wonderful 2019–Alice and Willow

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