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Mission Mistletoe

December 19, 2018


NOTE:  In the following acrostic poem, the initial letters of the nine poetic lines spell the word “mistletoe.”  After last week’s lengthy post, this December 19, 2018 post is quite short; but I hope you enjoy reading this holiday poem.



Mission Mistletoe


(a fictional, acrostic, story poem in nine lines)


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Magical moments, come my way!

Icicles, ice storms–be gone!

Snowflakes come slowly, settle softly,

tenderly transform

landscape in the December moonlight

elegantly keeping clear the path–

trail of holiday hope and love.

Once-upon-a-wish becomes reality:

Enlisted, Sergeant, First Class, comes home for Christmas.


* * *


Thinking of our military families during this holiday season, and

sending best wishes to all–

Peaceful and Merry Christmas!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


December 19, 2018, Wednesday


POST-SCRIPT:  Throughout Christmas week, WORDWALK may be serving some special holiday “word treats” for your yuletide reading pleasure. So, please return to WORDWALK when you have time in these remaining days of 2018 and on Wednesdays in the new year.  Thanks!




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One Comment
  1. Dear Alice,
    The acrostic poem is very special and brings back memories from 2008 when our enlisted soldier was not home for Christmas. Much to our concern, he was a sniper in Iraq with nearly eleven months left to serve and only a leave to come home for two weeks in May, 2009. How very grateful we were to have him return home safe and sound in November of that year!
    May God Bless all of our military and their families this Christmas season and always.
    Love, Mary

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