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Dedicated to My Dad on Father’s Day

June 13, 2018



NOTE:  In addition to the following poem to honor the memory of my father on Father’s Day, I am including in this WORDWALK post a link to a favorite piece of music which I think is very appropriate for the upcoming Father’s Day weekend whether you, a WORDWALK reader, are celebrating with your Dad, telephoning or Skyping with your dad, or remembering your father this Sunday, June 17, 2018.  While the following poem is one of those that was written with my watercolor tears, the link at the end of this post will give you a laugh, a smile, and a memorable song.


Hearing the Mourning Dove on Father’s Day


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



When I was a tiny child,

only you could untangle

my long and wavy, unruly tresses.

When I grew older,

you were always there

to help me untangle my life’s messes.

Hanging in my closet

and saved in boxes

are the clothes, dresses

which you gave me as gifts:

I cannot give them away

because I try to hold onto

each memory of you–

you who were always there

for me,

for my sister,

for all of the family,

and for neighbors too.


If there were a Hall of Fame for Fathers,

undoubtedly, you, my dad, would be there.

Although two decades have passed

since I have been able to wish you

“Happy Father’s Day,”

if I whisper my wish

on ribbons of remembrances,

surely you will feel my embrace,

hear my everlasting love

because I feel your presence

when a breeze lightly caresses my face

and I hear your voice

through the cooing

of the mourning dove.


If you are not in a Hall of Fame for Fathers,

many will say you are in Heaven;

and this must be true.

However, in your duality of spirit,

I know that you, too,

are each day and minute,

forever in my heart.


* * *


Since first hearing Kristin Chenoweth’s voice from the CD of the original Broadway production of WICKED, I became a fan of Ms. Chenoweth’s singing.  In November of 2014, I greatly enjoyed her special on PBS–“Live from Broken Arrow” (Oklahoma).  Listening to Ms. Chenoweth’s outstanding CD  “Coming Home,” recorded live at the Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center, I most often skipped the song “Fathers and Daughters.”  However, in recent months, I have been listening to the song frequently.  I have arrived at the point where I can enjoy the song “Fathers and Daughters” with only a few tears.  In whatever way you mark Father’s Day, I hope you will enjoy the following musical link to Kristin Chenoweth’s version of “Fathers and Daughters.”


Happy Flag Day and Happy Father’s Day to all of my WORDWALK readers!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


June 13, 2018, Wednesday



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  1. Thanks Alice. This hit the spot. Big hug from way over here. dp

    Sent from my Windows 10 Desktop machine


    • Hi, Deon–Thanks for reading this blog post and commenting so very quickly!

      Hoping you enjoy a most Happy Father’s Day–Alice and Willow

  2. Such a special poem for our very special Dad on Father’s Day, Alice! We are so blessed to have had him as our dad, and we will always hold treasured memories of him close to our hearts. On Father’s Day, I will be listening for the sweet sound of the mourning dove, too. Just as Kristin Chenowith’s beautiful song expresses–Fathers and Daughters have strong, everlasting bonds. Thank you for expressing your bond with Dad so eloquently.
    Love to you and Willow,

    • Hi, Mary–I appreciate your adding your perspective onto this post.  Since Dad was such a strong swimmer and enjoyed swimming, I hope that your weather will allow you to enjoy swimming this Sunday.

      Enjoy the weekend!  Talk with you soon–Alice and Willow

  3. Sue McKendry permalink

    Alice–finally my email is cooperating and I could read this lovely tribute to your father. Thanks for the link. Sorry, but last week I responded to the wrong post. You know I always read your postings and enjoy them so much. We who had good fathers are indeed lucky!–Sue

    • Hi, Sue–I am always glad to have a comment from you on my blog. Oh, yes, how lucky we have been!

      Stay cool this weekend!  Alice and Willow

  4. Fran Rayce permalink

    Hi Alice, As noted by others, we who had great dads are among the luckiest people ever! What a blessing we enjoyed to have such loving and reliable men in our lives. Savor the memories. I hope you and Willow are able to stay cool as the heat wave comes through this week.

    Love, Fran

    • Hi, Fran–How nice to have this comment from you!  I am sure your dad would also be in the “Hall of Fame for Fathers.”

      Best wishes to you and Jack and your family for a most Happy Father’s Day–Alice and Willow

  5. Carole permalink

    Heartfelt hugs to you as you remember and recognize your exceptional father, the perfect “Hall of Fame” parent. How fortunate you and Mary are to have made and now forever hold such wonderful memories.

    Thanks also for the musical link to Kristin Chenoweth’s beautiful song, “Fathers and Daughters.” We enjoyed her live concert a few years ago at the Van Wezel in Sarasota, where she talked about her life story and sang that touching song among many others.

    Alice, your poem is so very lovely, as is the mourning dove connection.

    • Hi, Carole–Special thanks for your wonderful comment and the “like” which you gave this post!  “Happy Father’s Day!” to Tim.

      Take care–Alice and Willow

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