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Now, The Video and Article for My WORDWALK Readers

May 16, 2018


A Second Video for My WORDWALK Readers


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



While many blogs focus well and successfully on only one topic, I choose to write on a variety of topics on my WORDWALK blog although posts about my guide dogs, Italian-American family, rural hometown in Indiana, and poetry are among my most frequent subjects.  Throughout the five-year-and-four-month life of this blog and its now 280 posts, I have shared with you only one link to a video.  (Please refer to the archived WORDWALK blog of February 7, 2018, to read about the first video link which I included in a post about the heart-warming book PEANUT OF BLIND FAITH FARM, by Wisconsin writer Jim Thompson.)


This week, I am happy to share with you something new and delightfully different from previous posts on my blog.  Only for the second time, I am sharing with you a video link which I very highly recommend.  Whether you are one of my Italian-American friends or relatives, a lover of Italy, an aficionado of art, or an otherwise curious WORDWALK reader–I do think you will find the sixteen-minute video worthwhile, educational, creative, artistic, and memorable.


The video is part of the website for the impressive book LIVIO ORAZIO VALENTINI:  AN ARTIST’S SPIRITUAL ODYSSEY, copyright 2018, by Dr. Robert E. Alexander and Dr. John A. Elliott (professor emeritus of the University of South Carolina–Aiken).  With professional narration, a stirring musical score, sound effects, and interesting historical perspectives–the video, which focuses on the artist of Orvieto, Italy, will brighten your day.  Formerly of Indiana, John Elliott, whom I have known since we met in graduate school at Indiana State University, directed the remarkable video and wrote the captivating script to introduce you to the life and art of Livio Orazio Valentini.


After clicking on the following link, click on the black rectangle to begin the video.  For WORDWALK readers who use computers with speech access, this video link is especially easily accessible:  after clicking on the link below, simply press the space bar on the verbalized “play button.”



Enjoy a creative and springy week!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


May 16, 2018, Wednesday



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  1. Carole permalink

    Alice, not only is your association with John Elliott interesting, but our visit to Aiken many years ago made an impression with the beautiful landscape and trees. The branches and massiveness of these live oaks, which I now see daily, are quite interesting. Also, the story of a talented Italian man was quite coincidental with the recent passing of our friend from Italy.
    Thanks for the art appreciation lesson, dear cousin!

    • Hi, Carole–Special thanks for adding a comment with your perspective of the trees in Aiken!

          In another way, Archie was a talented Italian who brought so much joy over many years to so many people with his singing of the old Italian songs which we love and associate with home.  My sympathy to his family and many friends.

      Talk with you soon–Alice and Willow

  2. What an interesting story of a remarkable Italian artist as told in the video, Alice! It was certainly all that you said it would be. I appreciate your sharing it, and I look forward to seeing your copy of the book during my upcoming visit.
    Love to you and Willow on this beautiful spring evening,

    • Mary–You are welcome, and thanks for commenting.

      Enjoy the final week of the semester with your young students!

      Alice and Willow

  3. Sue McKendry permalink

    Alice–thanks for this interesting post. It took some patience to get through the video with our slow internet connection but well worth the effort. In addition to being interesting, the video is very well done with very nice captions at the bottom of the screen–Sue

    • Hi, Sue–Thanks for your patience to be able to view the video! How interesting to know that the video includes captions!  I do appreciate your letting me know this detail.  Always so good to read your comment!

      Take care–Alice and Willow

  4. Hi Alice, I’ve enjoyed viewing this video and learning about this artist very much. His paintings are beautiful – I love the collage format and the sensitive color effects he employs to tell his story. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Hi, Lynda–How nice to receive this comment from an artist whose works have been and continue to be part of exhibits!  I am so pleased to hear your feedback about this video.

      Enjoy a creative day–Alice and Willow

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