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Spring Cleaning of a Poem about the Statue of Liberty

May 2, 2018


NOTE:  What kind of spring cleaning do you prefer?  I am partial to spring cleaning of my archived writings.  This week was a good time to dust off and polish a poem which I wrote on July 9, 2014.  My dusting and polishing included adding two stanzas, as well as one line to an existing stanza.  Also, I swept away one word  and replaced it with another in one line while in another line, I polished a verb.  The result of my spring cleaning of a poem shines, I hope, below for my visitors–my WORDWALK house guests.



To Where Is She Walking?


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Who is the statuesque woman

walking over the Appalachian Mountains?

Spotters said she is 111 feet tall.

Trackers found footprints–shoe size 879.

Reporters confirmed that she paused

at Chattanooga’s Lookout Mountain.

Did she see seven states,

did she see the Land of Liberty?


Where is she going?

What is her destination?

I heard no new Bartholdi could be found

to clone a second Colossus;

so, Lady Liberty is walking,

walking to the Rio Grande.


Will her hand of 16 feet, five inches

wave cool air toward the weary travelers,

will she wave “Hello,”

will she raise her torch to light the way,

or will she raise her bold hand to signal “stay”?


She left her pedestal in New York Harbor.

At the Rio Grande, will she close the door;

or will the Great Lady open her 42-foot arms

to welcome more?

I hear whispers of

“Come, little children–

ninitos de Guatemala,

Honduras, y El Salvador.”


Is her left hand carrying the bronze plaque

on which are inscribed the tender words

of Emma Lazarus?

Is the Colossal Lady saying,

“Come to us”?


What will La Dama de la Libertad say?

Has someone prepared for her

a pedestal near the Rio Grande,

or will she become a sentinel upon the wall?


Now, reporters say Lady Liberty

arrived at the Rio Grande.

She planted her torch in the hot, dry sand;

then, she brought together her two huge hands

and knelt  down

in awesome prayer.

Her lamentations made us weep:

“Some promises–I cannot keep;

but I care, I care.

My God, I do care.”


Lady Liberty, with your colossal spirit,

for whom is your prayer,

for whom do you care?


copyright 2018, ajm


Best wishes for an amazing month of May,

from the granddaughter of four immigrants,

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


May 2, 2018, Wednesday




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  1. Dear Alice,
    Your timely and beautiful poem about the Statue of Liberty is definitely polished and brilliant after the spring cleaning! Thank you for bringing this important current issue to our attention in such a creative way. I am so thankful that our beloved grandparents were welcomed to this country over 100 years ago by Lady Liberty!

    • Hi, Mary–Thank you for your especially nice comment.  Growing up in Indiana, we knew quite a number of immigrants who became proud citizens of the United States.  Their enriching our lives was a special gift.

      Take care–Alice and Willow

  2. Sue McKendry permalink

    Alice–Thank you for sharing your sping cleaning project this week. Yours yielded this beautiful poem which should make us all think, while mine only yielded a few clean windows. –Sue

    • Hi, Sue–I am always glad to find a comment from you on my WORDWALK.  Lately, I have cleaned a few windows also.  I am so glad that Mother Nature is finally doing some “spring Cleaning” with last night and tonight’s rain–so needed after all the dust from the excavation of the intersection nearest my townhouse.

      Take care–Alice and Willow

  3. Fran Rayce permalink


    What a lovely way to be reminded of this important issue of our time. How grateful I am that Lady Liberty saw fit to embrace our families. Hopefully we can find a reasonable policy to help our nation continue to welcome others to our melting pot.

    • Hi, Fran–Many thanks for sharing your perspectives.  Last evening, having this poem critiqued at a larger-group critique session gave me a variety of views on this piece.

      Enjoy the Mother’s Day weekend with your family–Alice and Willow

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