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Another Heart-warming Visit with Peanut

February 7, 2018


To Warm Your Heart This February,


Enjoy Another Visit with Peanut of Blind Faith Farm


(Book by Wisconsin Writer Jim Thompson)


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



As we enter into the snow-filled, frigid, days and nights of February, are you ready for an extraordinarily heart-warming story?  This week’s WORDWALK blog post is unusual because I am primarily sharing with you a link to a segment that was broadcast on Milwaukee’s television channel 58 program CBS 58 SUNDAY MORNING on February 4, 2018.  While this post is a follow-up to the book review that I shared on September 27, 2017, the February 5 broadcast was a follow-up to a feature story aired on the same program last November 19.  Reporter Jacquelyn Abad again takes us to Jim and Laura Thompson’s Blind Faith Farm where Peanut happily meets a new friend–Bennett.


With a four-paw recommendation from my Leader Dog Willow and a five-star recommendation from me, I encourage you to take four minutes of your time to listen to and watch the following link for another heart-warming adventure of Peanut of Blind Faith Farm (which takes you to the Channel 58 website with a “play video” button that is easily accessible).


After watching the video, if you would like to read more about Peanut and Blind Faith Farm or if you would like to purchase a copy or copies of Jim Thompson’s heart-warming book Peanut of Blind Faith Farm, please visit the following website:


SPECIAL REQUEST:  In the comment section of this blog post, please add a comment about the video, the book Peanut of Blind Faith Farm, or another heart-warming book which you recommend for winter reading.  Thanks!


Happy February!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


February 7, 2018, Wednesday



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  1. Dear Alice,
    Thank you for suggesting that I watch the short video about Peanut of Blind Faith Farm. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Peanut explore along the fence near the big red barn. The scene was very familiar, because it was accurately and beautifully illustrated in the book. Peanut’s new friend, Bennett, was so excited and appreciative! He and author Jim Thompson immediately developed a warm and comfortable friendship. Through his thick wool coat, Peanut felt some vigorous pets from Bennett, who also fed Peanut slices of juicy apple at the same time. “Heart-warming” is the perfect word to describe this delightful video!
    Wishing you and Willow warmer February days,

    • Mary–Thanks for all of the extra descriptions.

      Enjoy the annual conference of the Colorado Council of the International Reading Association!

      Alice and Willow

  2. Sue McKendry permalink

    Alice–Unfortunately I couldn’t get the video visually (maybe due to our poor internet service) but was able to listen and read the captions. Thanks to Mary’s comment as when I look at my copy, I now have some background. It was very nice to read in your post that the book has been printed in Braille, and that the first copy was given to a blind boy. What especially impressed me is that with all of the other adaptive technology available, this young man has chosen to read in Braille, so he can read and interpret the writing himself. So I say kudos to you for this nice post, to the Thompsons for their care of Peanut, the authorship of the book, and their wish to have it available in Braille, and especially to Bennet for learning Braille at his young age and displaying his obvious love of reading. My heart is all warmed up for Valentines Day–Sue

    • Sue–Thanks for adding your knowledgeable perspective. Additionally, what impressed me about Bennett is that he had his Perkins Brailler with him and was brailling notes on it during his farm visit.  After Mary described the video for me, I could hear the distinctive sound of the brailler from the sound feed of the video.  The almost-ten-year-old student is a wonderful “young ambassador” representing students who are blind and visually impaired.  Peanut, the now famous sheep, is surrounded by mighty fine people.

           For you and for others who may read this, Peanut’s website also has the links for both television appearances (November 19, 2017 and February 4, 2018); as mentioned in my blog, visit:

      Our thanks always to you, Sue, another wonderful “hobby farmer”!

      Alice and Willow

  3. Carole permalink

    Thanks for the link, Alice! The book presentation was such a special moment for everyone, as well as the interactions between Peanut and Bennett. We’re looking forward to our own copy very soon. The promo was an excellent gesture for those giving and receiving the delightful book. Kudos to the Thompsons and Peanut!

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