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January Sunbeams (A Poem)

January 31, 2018


January Sunbeams


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Having survived a number of the record-setting gray days

on this Frozen Tundra, beside the lake–

I graciously welcome into my abode

the rare January sunbeams

that take their rest for a few short hours

upon the beige carpet of my living room.


“Willow, come!  Sunbeams!”

I cheer for my guide dog.

When she joins me, I encourage her:

“You have to catch these sunbeams.”

My British Black Labrador complies:

she nestles down into the rare sunshine comforter.

In this patch of sunbeam,

I know Willow does not dream of

her blue boots, red coat, nor salt.

My mellow Lab is in

a yellow Jell-O of cozy contentment.


After catching her limit of January sunbeams,

Willow returns to her bed,

beside my computer desk,

and patiently awaits the sounder

that alerts her

to my computer’s shutting down–

our cue to arise for a winter walk.


To waylay cabin fever,

Willow and I leave some January sunbeams

alone in the warmth of our living room

while we, bedecked in Arctic attire,

head outside

and hope other January sunbeams

will follow us,

warm our path,

brighten this January day,

lighten the load of this Wisconsin winter.


Enjoy this “Once-in-a-Blue-Moon” Day!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


POST-SCRIPT:  Once again, I give many thanks to all of you who added a comment on my previous blog post (“A Collage of Aunts:  An Update,” January 24).


January 31, 2018, Wednesday



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  1. Dear Alice and Willow,
    I can feel the warmth and enjoy the soft colors of your January sunbeams through the melodic words of your poem. In fact, I have spent some time in your living room soaking up the comfortable rays on cold winter days when I have visited the two of you. Hopefully, the groundhog will not see his shadow in Milwaukee on February 2, which will surely mean an early spring for you!
    Until then, stay warm and cozy!
    Love, Mary

    • Mary–Thanks for your comment!  On this February 2, I can share with you the news from the Milwaukee County Zoo:  Milwaukee had a “fill-in” groundhog today–a big “fill-in.”  Snow Lilly the Polar Bear took over the shadowy duties and did see her shadow on this sunny day.  I suppose Snow Lilly was happy to predict six more weeks of winter.  Next year, the duties are to return to a yet un-named groundhog.  By the way, unofficially speaking, Willow also saw her shadow.

      Happy Six-more-weeks-of-winter!  Alice and Leader Dog Willow

  2. Sue McKendry permalink

    Alice–This poem beautifully illustrates how precious that rare January sunshine is appreciated. I especially enjoyed the various alliterations you employed–would love to hear you read this poem aloud. Of course Willow, with her beautiful black coat, gets more out of that sunshine than we do, and for all she does, she certainly deserves a little extra.–Sue

    • Hi, Sue–Guess who is lying in the February sunbeams as I write this note!  For a day or two, I am content with the single-digit temperatures–as long as we can enjoy the bright sunshine.

      Take care and Happy February!

      Alice and Willow

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