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Thanks to Our Veterans!

November 8, 2017


A Month–Not Just a Day–of Thanks


Week 2.  Thanks to Our Veterans



As we approach Veterans’ Day of 2017, I hope that all veterans and their families experience the sincere gratitude of a very grateful nation.  In a small way, to give veterans respect, honor, and thanks that they so richly deserve, I am sharing a “V–MAIL” which my dad wrote to my mother during World War II.  My father, James F. Massa, was a sergeant in the 638th Tank Destroyer Battalion when he sent the following note to his wife, Mary.  Each V–MAIL measured four by five inches and was placed into an envelope on which was printed “V–MAIL Service.”  In a way, my dad is the guest blogger for this post for Veterans’ Day–almost twenty years after his passing on December 1, 1997.


* * *


November 26, 1944


Dearest Wife,


Received two of your letters today and was so glad to hear from you.  I can’t think of anything to write.  I am still over here in Germany, and it looks like we will be here for some time.  I received a letter from Charlie [my dad’s older brother] today.  I sure hated to hear about Johnny [next younger brother of my dad] coming over here.  I also got a letter from Dom [cousin who was in the 101st Airborne Division] , and he said he is doing okay.


Well, Honey, I will always love you.  Whatever happens, don’t worry about me, for I will be okay.


With love,

your husband, Jimmy


* * *


After four-and-a-half years in the military, Dad kept his promise:  he was “okay”–actually, he was much more than “okay.”  I am forever grateful that my dad came home safe and well from World War II. Additionally, I am always proud of him for his service to our country, as well as for all that he was and for all that he still is in my heart and memories.


God bless my Uncle Jules and all other veterans on November 11 and always!

With sincere and special gratitude,

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


POST-SCRIPT:  To read another V–MAIL written by my father, please refer to my blog post of July 11, 2017 (the 104th anniversary of my dad’s birth).


November 8, 2017, Wednesday



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  1. mfanyo permalink

    Dear Alice,
    In reading the V-MAIL written by our beloved dad so long ago, I hear his voice–a voice with a message that I heard throughout my life. Dad was the most unselfish person I have ever known. He was always thinking of others whether they were his family (Mother, his brothers, you and me) or his friends. His positive attitude led to his repeating countless times during his life–“Don’t worry about me, for I will be okay.” In truth, he was always more than okay. He was extraordinary! We are so blessed to have been his daughters. Thank you for remembering him and all veterans at this special time.
    Love, Mary

    • Mary–I do appreciate your adding so eloquently your perspective.  I am not certain how Dad would feel about my sharing this letter on my blog, but I think posting it is quite good for family history.

      Many thanks–Alice and Willow

  2. Sue McKendry permalink

    Alice–This was a very nice tribute to your father in honor of Veteran’s Day. Although his letter was private at the time he wrote it, I’m quite sure he is not displeased with its publication. And I’m so very happy that he did come home and was able to work and raise a family, living a full life–Sue

    • Sue–Thanks so much for your encouraging words in this comment and also in your e-mails.

      Very thankful for our friendship through these decades–Alice and Willow

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