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A Baseball Poem for National Poetry Month

April 5, 2017


A Baseball Poem for Opening Week


of National Poetry Month, 2017



With the onset of April comes not only the baseball season, but also the poetry season.  Yes, I am already happily in the midst of National Poetry Month.  To kick off the celebration of National Poetry Month, I was inspired by the baseball diamonds of this spring season; and I hope you will enjoy the following poem and other poetry that you will encounter or create throughout this month of April.



Poetry Diamond


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Squinting into the sun,

smiling, at bat,

I hit a home rhyme!

Cheers from the fans

in the stanzas!


Who is on first base?


Who is on second?


Who is on third?



As we run the bases,

I give a satisfying grin

to all the editors in the outfield.

I tip my hat

to all the fans in the stanzas–

my loyal readers–

who comment, comment, comment.


After touching home plate,

I am embraced by all my Punctuation Partners

in the dugout–

teammates on this Poetry Diamond.

Then, Coach reminds me

of our goal–

the iambic pentameter.


I will never forget this Poetry Diamond–

especially on

Opening Day

Of National Poetry Month!


Go for another home rhyme!

Press on for the Victory of Verse!



Happy National Poetry Month!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


April 5, 2017, Wednesday


NOTE:  As author of The Christmas Carriage and Other Writings of the Holiday Season (copyright 2016), I invite you to visit my author’s web page:

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  1. Fran Rayce permalink

    How clever! I wish I were in a classroom so I could share this with my students. My grandchildren will need to be the audience instead.

    • Fran–What an especially nice comment to send to a retired teacher! Many thanks! I would be honored to have your grandchildren as “fans in the stanzas.”

      Take care! More soon–Alice and Willow

  2. mfanyo permalink

    What a delightful poem, Alice! We have been watching the Rockies play the Brewers in Milwaukee. The Blanford Ball Park in our Indiana hometown had some exciting games during the summers of our youth. Blanford was also home to a famous woman who played on one of the women’s league teams. Thanks for “taking me out to the ball game!”
    Love, Mary

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