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Christmas Message in a Snowglobe

December 21, 2016


Christmas Message in a Snowglobe


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



This yuletide season gives us so much to see:

all that was, now is, and will surely be–

so much that glitters, sparkles, and illuminates

an awesome night while each child awaits.

We ponder Christmases of long ago,

make new memories, and hope for snow.


Then, I pick up the snowglobe that plays Silent Night;

I turn the lever three times and turn down the light.

As my dad’s favorite carol continues to play,

I think of the meaning of this miraculous day.


Next, I gently shake the snowglobe; so the glittery snow will fill the glass ball.

With faith,

I wish for Peace on Earth and a Joyful Christmas for one and all.


Inside the snowglobe,

the tiny snowflakes whirl around the little manger–

oh, quiet night.

One blessed shepherd watches intently the glorious sight.

This shepherd has no staff, no flock of sheep:

this shepherd has four paws and watches the Babe as He sleeps.


Best wishes for a joyous and jolly Christmas Eve and a most Merry Christmas Day!

Alice and Leader Dog Willow


BOOKNOTE:  The above Christmas poem, written today, is not in my book, The Christmas Carriage and Other Writings of the Holiday Season.  For additional information about ordering my print book or e-book, please visit my author’s web page which also includes photos of the book’s festive cover, back cover (with a Christmas picture of my third Leader Dog Zoe), and my current Leader Dog Willow, as well as the table of contents and a sample of twenty pages of the 101-page book.

I continue to be in Writer’s Wonderland, thanks to all the wonderful comments which I have received about my holiday book.  Hearing from so many of you about my book has been the highlight of my 2016 Christmas season.  My special thanks to all who have read, are reading, or will read my first book!


December 21, 2016, Wednesday–Happy and Safe Winter, too!



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  1. mfanyo permalink

    What a beautiful poem, Alice! Every Christmas I enjoy all the snow globes that you have given to Mother and to me through the years. Like your poem, they give me peace and comfort.
    Best Christmas wishes to you and Willow!
    Love, Mary

  2. Sue McKendry permalink

    Merry Christmas, Alice, and thank you for writing this poem which brought back memories of childhood and snow globes–they always seemed so magical to an unsophisticated little country bumpkin. Of course, the best part of the poem to me was the little surprise about the shepherd having no staff or flock of sheep–at a recent visit to the vet we were waiting and had time to examine the dog breed chart, so now I just keep wondering what kind of shepherd is guarding the sleeping Babe.

    As our Christmas postcard to you says:

    We’re all wrapped up in winter’s white (photo of part of our house and Colorado Blue Spruce after the Dec. 5th snow)
    Wishing you everything good and right

    Thanks for this past year of writing–Sue

  3. Fran Rayce permalink

    You have certainly captured the magic that snow globes bring; such a simple pleasure, but so much joy, and shared by all ages. Thanks for bringing the memory of those from years ago back to mind.

    Have a wonderful Christmas creating new traditions with Willow.
    Love, Fran

  4. Alice. My sister received her book yesterday, and she asked me to thank you. So here I am, thanking you, and praising you once again for a wonderfully poetic post. May your days be abundantly bright with the Christmas lights of a magical season.

  5. PJ Lumb permalink

    Love the story and poem. They invoke the best emotions associated with this wonderful season, and, as usual, take me to warm memories past. Happy New Year, Alice!

    • Paula–Thanks for your comment and for your recent e-mail which I will answer soon. Always so nice to hear from you!

      With best wishes for a happy and healthy 2017, Alice

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