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A Month–Not Just One Day–of THANKS

November 2, 2016


A Month–Not Just One Day–of Thanks


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Throughout this month of November, you are cordially invited to join me in creating a special list of “Thanks.”  From your own attitude of gratitude, you may choose to focus on one “Thanks” a day; or you may decide to write several related notes of appreciation each day of this month.  However you decide to manage your list–in handwriting or by keyboarding–your spirit will be brightened by reading over the list on some of the grayest days of November and especially on Thanksgiving Day or at the end of this month.


In past years on my Wordwalk blog, I focused on “A cornucopia of Thanks” which lead to family memoirs or essays.  You may still access those November blog posts of previous years in the archives of Wordwalk.


To kick off this 2016 month of thanks, I chose to begin my list as follows.


November 1:  I am immensely thankful to Leader Dog School from whom I received my fourth Leader Dog–my wonderful Willow–on June 7.  Additionally, I did appreciate walking with Willow on this day–the first of November–with its record-tying high temperature of 77 degrees in Milwaukee (24 degrees above the average high temperature for this day).  Throughout my life, I have been and still am grateful for all of my dogs–my guide dogs and pet dogs–who added and continue to add sparkle and joy to my days.


November 2:  I am thankful for my nephew Eric, who will celebrate his 33rd birthday in three days.  Most of all, I am thankful that after eleven months of serving in Iraq and three months of serving in Afghanistan, he came home safe and well.  Further, I am thankful for all U.S. military who serve and have served our country.  Finally on this day and during the past decades, I am forever grateful that my dad and his three brothers came home safe and well after serving in Europe during World War II.


* * *


Keeping in mind all of the family members, friends, and Wordwalk readers who are celebrating birthdays this month, I, from across the miles, send a cornucopia of birthday wishes and thanks by means of the following poem.  Of course, by reading the initial letters (in bold type) of the thirteen poetic lines, you will find the acrostic poem’s message.



Acrostic-the-miles Birthday Wishes



addressing to you:





birthday wishes–

iced upon a scrumptious cake,

read inside a humorous card,

telephoned to you over the miles,

handed with a surprise gift,

dazzled with streamers at a surprise party–

all arranged to brighten

your special day and year!



Happy November and many thanks to all of my Wordwalk readers!

Alice and Willow


November 2, 2016, Wednesday



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  1. Dear Alice. Here’s hoping that each day during this thankful month of November continues to bring you those thankful moments that you will forever remember. Until the piping hot gravy is served, happy writing. dp

    • Deon–Seriously, I think you should prepare a presentation for our writers’ group concerning writing creative, positive, and encouraging comments on another writer’s blog. You certainly have a knack for penning comments for which I am grateful each week.

      Take good care–Alice

  2. mfanyo permalink

    In this month of Thanksgiving, I am so grateful to have a creative, talented sister who records and shares precious memories and keen observations through poetry and essays! I look forward to reading your blog every Wednesday. Thank you, Alice.
    Thanksgiving Blessings to you and Willow as you celebrate this special month together!
    Love, Mary

  3. Sue McKendry permalink

    Alice–What a nice reminder to write down our thanks. Often I think of the many people, animals, and things that I’m thankful to have or have had in my life, but I think writing them down will be spirit-lifting exercise during the sometimes bleakness of the late autumn season. One thing for sure, I’m very thankful my brother and my husband served in Vietnam and came home safe and sound–Sue

    • Sue–On this coming Veterans’ Day, thanks to your brother and to John for their service in Vietnam.

      With much appreciation for your comments on my blog, Alice

  4. PJ Lumb permalink

    Alice, you remind me to focus on gratitude…so much surrounding me daily that I forget to be grateful for!!! And I love your witty wording for the Happy Birthday wishes. You are creatively clever! I am thankful for you and Deon, and your many gifts offered up through the written word. What gratitude I feel for you both. Thank you!! Blessings for you and yours over the coming holidays.

    • Paula–Thanks for your uplifting comments!

      Best wishes to you and your family for a blessed and bountiful Thanksgiving!


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