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WT (Willow Time Zone)

August 3, 2016


WT (Willow Time Zone)


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Attention!  Jeopardy fans,

please answer in the form of a question–

or quatrain.


“Alex, I’ll take Time Zones for four hundred dollars.”

“Number of time zones in the United States.”

Smiling, the first contestant responds,

“What is nine?”


At home, in front of my little TV,

I blurt out,

“No, what is ten?”


Atlantic Time Zone, Eastern,

Central, Mountain, Pacific,

Alaska Time Zone, Hawaii-Aleutian,

Samoa Time Zone, Chamorro, …

and Willow Time Zone!


Have I befuddled Alex?

Have I befuddled my family and friends?

Hello, World,

I come to you from the Willow Time Zone.


What time are you calling?

Four o’clock, Mountain Time–

that is dinner time in the Willow Time Zone.

What time will the meeting end?

8:30, Eastern Time.

Oh, that will be

a minute before evening constitutional,

Willow Time.


My day is scheduled

precisely to Willow Time,

and I like life this way.

Willow Time seems so natural to me,

and it perfectly suits my Labrador.


Gratefully, I follow Willow Time

because I want my black lab to be

the best Leader Dog she can be

and the happiest dog in Wisconsin.

I set my clocks to Willow Time

because I want to be

the best dog handler I can be,

the best blind person I can be,

the most mobile and independent.

As I work and live with Willow,

I want to help her fill those big paws

so that we together can honor

all her predecessors–

Zoe, Heather, and Keller–

from whom I learned so much.

As Willow and I walk,

I want us to honor

all those who trained her,

raised her, and make all Leader Dogs possible

in all time zones.


My clock on Willow Time

is not a barking clock,

talking clock, nor alarm clock:

with just a little nudge,

a labbie lick, a raised paw–

Willow lets me know what time it is.

Yes, I check my watch

and know

that as I gently stroke my Willow,

I care nothing about Daylight Saving Time

or Standard Time:

Each day, I savour concentrating

on Willow Time

and heartily wish

to continue on WT

for at least one wonderful decade.



In whatever time zone you are in, enjoy a Happy August and the special reruns of Jeopardy!

Alice and Willow


August 3, 2016, Wednesday



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  1. I’ll take, “Happy Guide Dogs”, for 800 Alice. dp

    • Dear JEOPARDY fan Deon,

      What a clever comment! You were tuned into to WORDWALK and answered quicker than any other contestant/reader. I should have a prize for you!

      Just many thanks–Alice and Willow

  2. Dear Alice,
    I think Any Time and All the Time are perfect times for you and Willow to enjoy being together! I look forward to reading your creative and clever blog posts around this time every Wednesday.
    Time to say “thank you and good night” to you and Willow.
    Love, Mary

    • Mary–How nice to know that you are looking forward to each blog post! Please send us some of your cooler weather!

      Take care–Alice and Willow

  3. Sue McKendry permalink

    Alice–Once again you have evoked memories! When we traveled with our standard poodles, we always had to remember that their time didn’t match a different time zone we were passing through. And I never thought about the nine time zones — always something to learn. And starting your blog with the Jeopardy question was such a nice hook.

    • Hi, Sue–Always nice to have a comment from a fellow JEOPARDY fan!

      Hoping you will be able to enjoy the state fair–Alice and Willow

  4. I figured it was that way with any guide dog, but this was a good post.

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