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How to Write a Pi Poem–Past the First Zero of Pi

March 9, 2016


How to Write a Pi Poem–Past the First Zero of Pi (with Sample Piem)


Two of my goals in pi-poem writing this week were to craft a piem which would extend past the first zero of the mathematical pi and to achieve thirty-five poetic lines. In the sample pi poem below, you will find that I achieved these two goals. In a previously posted pi poem, I simply treated the zero as if it were not a part of the infinite numerals of pi: thus, I went from the thirty-second poetic line of five syllables to the thirty-third line of two syllables. In my “Keller” piem (below), I, instead, took the zero as representing ten syllables. Therefore, after the thirty-second line of five syllables, my thirty-third line contains ten syllables. Then, the piem closes with a line of two syllables and a line of eight syllables. If all this piem explanation sounds complicated or unnecessary to you, please simply read and enjoy the following poem or read my Wordwalk blog post of last week for the complete directions for writing a pi poem for Pi Day–March 14, 2016 (3/14/16). All of the following lines of this post are intended to be centered.



A Pi Poem for Keller:


My Leader Dog from March 21, 1990, until December 15, 1997, When She Died of Cancer


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



My Keller,


acclaimed Leader


golden retriever,

made March forever special for me.



twenty-six years ago,

you came to guide me

and teach me

new ways and career.


“Find the door.” Yes, you knew the spot

and gracefully led me through each door

to classrooms of renewed hope,

to buildings of opportunities

which I thought

were lost

in the past,

to degrees of choices and change.


“Find the curb. Good.

What a good dog, Keller!”

You were

beside me at all times–

over the bumps,

hardest times,


somehow your paws found a bright path.


“Find the chair.”


You knew so many commands,

but what command you had of my heart

till you passed the leash

to another Leader Dog named Heather

who had

such perfect, golden paws to fill.



With forever thanks

to the puppy-raisers, trainers, support staff of Leader Dogs for the Blind,

Lions Clubs, and other contributors–

all of whom make possible the amazing Leader Dogs,

Alice and my third Leader Dog Zoe


March 9, 2016, Wednesday



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  1. Alice. Such a wonderful tribute to Keller. May his love and trustworthy affection stay with you through your years. Leader dog. It has such a wonderful sound to it, don’t you think? Thanks for another wonderful post. dp

  2. Sue McKendry permalink

    Alice–As you know, Keller has been on my mind lately. This beautiful tribute to her brought a few tears. Am I right here? Keller was a Golden Retriever, Heather was a Yellow Labrador Retriever, and Zoe is a Retriever/Labrador cross. Somehow, this just seems so perfect!

    • Hi, Sue–Thanks for your nice comment. You are right about my three Leader Dogs: Keller was a purebred golden retriever, Heather was a purebred yellow lab, and Zoe is that wonderful combination of black lab and golden retriever. Zoe’s mother Breezey was a blak lab, and Zoe’s father Quincy was a golden retriever. Take care! Alice and Zoe

  3. The photo of you and the boys sitting on the front porch swing of our Indiana home with Keller by your side is one of my favorites! The Terre Haute Tribune Star reporter interviewed you and published an impressive article about you and Keller accompanied by the photo. That was Keller’s first summer with you, just before you and your “stellar” Leader Dog headed off to Western Michigan University to earn a second Master’s Degree. I remember telling you that you were the bravest person I knew! I believed it then, and I still believe it now. God bless Keller for being the first to guide you on the path toward your many achievements.
    Love, Mary

    • Mary–Thanks for your extended comment. Of course, I do remember the photo of Keller, my nephews, and me on the front porch swing of our Indiana home: this 8-by-10 photo is one of the framed photos on the wall to the upstairs of my townhouse. Pat L. Pastore wrote the lengthy article. Enjoy the weekend–AZ

  4. Keller will always hold a special place in my heart, as she was the first of the Magnificent Three! I remember crying when I read your joyful story as you waited in anticipation for her to join you at Leader Dog School. Your reunion and then the following years together were amazing and very memorable.

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