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Dear Iowa

January 27, 2016


Poetic Notes to Our Neighboring State:


Dear Iowa


from Alice Jane-Marie Massa



Iowa, Iowa–

land so rich with politicians!

Do they number as many as

ears of corn in an Iowa field?

Yet, who is listening–

really listening?


Who is the translator for this language

we call rhetoric–

or do we call it lies?

Do we call it expediency?

Which politician is speaking

the language of leadership

(for which a translator is not needed)?


Over there–in that Field of Dreamers–

what is being auctioned?

Who’ll give me one?

Give me two?

Give me three…

words of promises,

words of hope,

winks from a stone face in the mountain?


Snowflakes falling,

covered bridges trying to bridge the gaps,

reporters calling,

reporters crawling all over the place,

serving an alphabet soup of major and minor networks,

nestle in the unexpected winner

of being the first state of the winter

to vote.


Despite all the mazes,

the eventual political malaise,

the microphone haze,

what a season!

This fifth season of the quadrennial

empowers 99 counties of Iowa.

But, does this fifth season

enlighten the mindful minds?

I hope.


What a county!

What a state!

What a country!


Forty-nine states are watching you,

Iowa. Iowa,

what will you do,

what will you do?

Vote wisely–

very wisely.


Then, smile for the camera;

sing “God Bless America,”

and pass the patriotic spotlight

to New Hampshire.



With best wishes to all

who have the future of our country in your hands and minds,

Alice and Zoe


January 27, 2016, Wednesday



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  1. Fran Rayce permalink

    Clever! I too hope that our fellow Midwesterners are wise in their choices.
    I love the way your lines fall smoothly from my lips.(I just read your piece aloud to Jack). Of course I also
    really enjoy the image the covered bridge reference brings to mind. Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. I also must admit that I will be happy when all of the campaigning is over!

    • Hi, Fran–Thanks so much for your comment! I am delighted to hear when someone reads a piece of mine aloud. To know that you can smoothly and easily read the poetic lines is very satisfying to me. A friend told me that her mother read my “Peace” poem before their holiday dinner. Also, relatives in Oregon read another one of my holiday memoirs at their Christmas gathering. Now, to hear of your reading my poem aloud is such a gift to me. With many thanks, Alice

  2. Your creative poem is food for thought for both politicians and voters, Alice. Hopefully, all will be inspired by your words to make sincere and wise choices for our wonderful country!
    Love, Mary

  3. How interesting! I look forward to another version in a few months. Thanks, Alice!

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