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Third Anniversary of Wordwalk

January 20, 2016


Third Anniversary of Wordwalk Blog: January 19, 2016


by Alice Jane-Marie Massa



To mark the third anniversary of my Wordwalk blog, I am sharing with you some interesting statistical information about my weekly blog’s activity during 2015. Three years ago on January 19, with the help of my friend Jenna, I was able to post my first blog–an essay. today’s posting is Number 157. Launching a fourth year of blogging, I am looking back over the past year–thanks to the 2015 Annual Report which I received from Word Press at the end of December.


During this past year, the five most viewed posts were four from 2015 and one from 2014: you will note below the reason for the post from 2014 as the two top posts focus on how to write a pi poem. (If you missed reading one of the following posts or would like to read one or more again, all are available in the archives of Wordwalk.)


  1. “How to Write a Pi Poem for Pi Day,” instructions and my pi poem “Wintering Hands,” posted on February 18, 2015


  1. “How to Write a Pi Poem,” instructions and my pi poem “Poetry Pi for a Literary Luncheon,” posted on April 30, 2014


  1. “Blessed Are the Caregivers,” my poem posted on February 25, 2015


  1. “More Memories of Jacksonville Grade School in the 1950s, Part I,” a memoir posted on

May 27, 2015


  1. “From Senior Cords to Tattoos or to Senior-citizen Cords,” a memoir posted on August 26, 2015


Most surprisingly, I learned from the report that people from forty-three countries visited my Wordwalk blog during 2015. In the previous annual report from Word Press, readers from only 28 countries visited my blog; thus, I am very pleased with an increase of readers from fifteen additional countries. While most people who read my essays, memoirs, poems, and short stories are from the United States, readers from Canada and Great Britain are a close second and third. Although I have received comments from a few people from countries other than the United States, I do hope that more readers will send comments to me during the upcoming year.


Certainly, while I have been delighted to receive comments about my writings through direct e-mails, by telephone, and in person, I very much appreciate those readers who post comments directly onto my blog. Unsurprisingly, the 2015 Annual Report showed that the five individuals who most frequently posted comments on Wordwalk were Mary Fanyo (my sister and a pre-school teacher, 51 comments), Carole Morgan (my cousin and a retired teacher, 44 comments), Deon Lyons (a writer friend and fellow blogger, 39 comments), Abbie Johnson Taylor (a writer friend and fellow blogger, 25 comments), and Fran Rayce (a longtime friend and retired teacher, 25 comments). To these special five readers, I send a heartfelt thanks for your continuing support of my blog. The comments of these five people have truly enhanced Wordwalk for all of my readers and for me. Additionally, I thank many members of my writers’ group Behind Our Eyes for their support and inspiration.


According to the annual report, the total number of visits at my Wordwalk during the previous twelve months was approximately three thousand–an increase of approximately seven hundred from 2014. Visitors came to my blog via the following:




The 2015 Annual Report from noted that the day when my Wordwalk had the most visitors (103) was August 23, 2015.


Writing is a joy for me, and I am enormously grateful to be able to share my writings with so many of you in the United States and around the world. I cordially invite you to continue visiting Wordwalk throughout the new year of 2016.


With sincere and special thanks to all of the readers of Wordwalk,

Alice and Leader Dog Zoe


January 19, 2016, Tuesday



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  1. And you’re off and running once again. I do look forward to your posts, and most weeks, I can’t believe that another week has gone by, and another one of your blog posts is in my inbox.
    May your blogging experience of 2016 be the best year yet, and here’s to 15 more countries and another 700 annual hits.
    Bravo, and hats held high Alice.

    • Deon–Many, many thanks! While some of these wintry, below-zero days and the construction days go by much too slowly, the weeks do seem to fly by. A couple of days after posting each blog, I find myself on a real “Wordwalk” wondering what will be the topic of each upcoming post. The goal of blogging once a week does give a shape and form to the week that I find appealing. Good luck to you with your blogging throughout 2016! Alice

  2. Congratulations on another very successful year of blogging, Alice! Thank you for bringing such pleasure into the lives of your readers each and every week. Best wishes for continued enjoyment In your writing experiences during the coming year!
    Love, Mary

  3. Congratulations, Alice, on such a remarkable accomplishment! My, how far you have reached and touched so many readers! You are very gifted, and your work is appreciated!

    • Carole–Thanks! Yes, receiving this report from Word Press was encouragement for me to continue with this blog. AZ

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