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Snow Dancers (A Children’s Story Poem)

January 13, 2016


NOTE: While many blogs focus on a single topic and/or type of writing, I try to incorporate variety into my blog posts. Since I have not written a post for children for a while and since two talkative toddlers and one baby boy brought so much joy to my life this holiday season, today I am sharing with you a children’s story poem which I hope will also be enjoyable for adults–especially those who remember Fred Astaire (the famous dancer of early movie musicals, ten of which were with Ginger Rogers and Easter Parade with Judy Garland), Peggy Fleming (the graceful figure skater who was the only United States athlete to win a gold medal at the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France), and Jake Tapper (anchor of CNN News and author). I had fun transforming their names into characters for my poem. The character named “Pretty Wintry” was inspired by a writer friend who says that one of her favorite words is “wintry.”



Snow Dancers


by Auntie Alice Jane-Marie Massa


(Dedicated to Lanie, Caden, and Harper)



On the thirteenth of January, precisely at three,

close to the most sparkling evergreen tree,

All the Snow Angels stood up and took flight.

This was to be their very special, magical night–

a night to make dreams of dancing come true

for snowmen that were built by your brother and you.


The first Snow Angel zoomed down and presented a pair of shiny tap shoes

to Snowman Jake who always likes to share the neighborhood news.

Somehow the tap shoes were a perfect fit.

Then, Snowman Jake sparkled into life and did a split!

Fortunately, the Snow Angel’s gift came with some directions and clues

so that Jake would know what to do with the handsome tap shoes.

The Snow Angel said, “You look mighty dapper.”

He replied, “Of course, I do: I am Jake the Tapper.”


The second Snow Angel ruffled her wings in the windy weather.

She dropped onto the snow a pair of ballet slippers and a feather.

The Snowgirl knew exactly what to do.

Pretty Wintry laced up the pink slippers and donned a tutu.

Upon the snow, she did a perfect pirouette.

Then, Pretty Wintry, the Snowgirl, danced a minuet.


The third Snow Angel gingerly flew down from the top of the evergreen tree.

The Snowman Fred Eclair asked, “Snow Angel, what do you have for me?”

“For you, I have some special soft shoes for snow-ballroom dancing.”

As Fred Eclair danced, he sang, “Look at me! Aren’t I enchanting?”


The Fourth Snow Angel gracefully glided through double gold gates.

For Snowlady Peggy Frosting, Snow Angel had dazzling silver skates–

figure skates for Peggy Frosting to wear while dancing on the ice-covered lake.

“Look at her! Look at her! A triple salchow without a mistake!”


The four Snow Angels did their duty with dance.

The quartet of Snow Dancers were not just by chance.

You and your brother made the snow figures just right,

so they were specially selected for the magical night.


At four in the morning, the snow figures returned to standing perfectly still.

The Snow Angels gathered the shoes and placed each pair on a sill

so that good little children could find them that day

and become the Snow Dancers as they practice and play.


Enjoy snow dancing this January!

Alice and Zoe


January 13, 2016, Wednesday



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  1. Oh what a wonderful, wintery tale you tell.
    A magical icicle hanging under a frosted spell.
    Your texted music will forever dance along the night.
    A North bound poetic comforter, filled with winter’s light.
    Hats off to you my dear, and forever ring the song of the children.

    • Deon–Thanks not only for a wonderful comment–but a perfectly poetic comment! You should win a prize for being the first person to comment on my blog in poetic form. You set the standard at a high level, but all unpoetic comments are still very welcome and much appreciated. I hope that you share your poetic comment on the WPL. Many thanks and enjoy a warm wintry day in Maine! Alice

  2. Alice, this is cute. Maybe you can find someone to illustrate it for you, and you can make it into a children’s book. Good luck.

  3. Fran Rayce permalink

    Charming piece, Alice. The words dance lightly along like the characters themselves!

  4. How wonderful that Lanie, Caden, and Harper have your whimsical story poem dedicated to them, Alice! I hope the snow angels will perform their magic in keeping the snow, ice, and salt off the sidewalks in your area, so you and Zoe can dance safely on your walks and you can continue to think creatively along the way.
    Love, Mary

    • Mary–Thanks! This evening, the sidewalks were better; so, Zoe and I had a nice short walk. Talk with you soon–AZ

  5. Dorothy-Clare Jacobs permalink

    What a wonderful and fanciful story poem. I was transfixed while reading it and thoughts of the many snow angels I have made over the years entered my mind. Now I can imagine them coming to life for a few hours and doing sweet and wonderful things together. Perhaps they even got into a bit of mischief on some of those nights when there was a full moon! Thank you for giving me such an enjoyable read. It brought me something cheerful to think about on a cold “wintry” night. I like the word “wintry” also. Love to you both. Dorothy-Clare

  6. That was delightful, Alice! I think this was one of your best! Stay warm!

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